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what to do about christmas?


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i've been dating this girl for a couple of weeks and things are going very well. we've been intimate a few times and we both seem to genuinely like each other. so far, it feels like, if things continue the way they are, we will probably end up being a couple.


christmas is coming up in the next few weeks but i am not sure if i should give a gift to her yet. it may be a little too early in the relationship but i would like to get some opinions from people on here. obviously, if i do get her a gift, i want to keep it simple and friendly. nothing too serious and i don't want to spend a lot of money on it. at the very least, i'll get her a card but like the potential gift, i will keep it playful and not serious or too deep.


she just got her first iPhone (a 4s) and her first MacBook Pro. would giving her an iTunes gift card (you can purchase apps, music, movies, etc) be tacky?


thanks in advance.

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Does she have an iPad? You could always give her a stylus (pen for iPads). Or a cover for the Macbook Air. I would stick to something around $50. If she likes Mac stuff, you cannot go wrong. I think a gift certificate is a bit too impersonal.


Find out her favourite colour and buy her a cover.

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I don't think a gift certificate is impersonal, but I wouldn't get it for itunes. Go to one of the department stores and ask for a voucher there. Then at least she can get some girly things. But you know, how about just a box of chocolates or a nice bottle of wine this year, and if things still going strong, step up the present buying next year. Just my thoughts.

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I think women prefer well thought out gifts. I fondly remember any well thought out gift a guy has given me...funny earrings, something practical, I know I have received gift certificates, but forget from who, and from what store. Its the thought that counts, not the amount. Personalizing it is just going that extra step....Remember women love the little things you do.


I love Mac stuff and with a cover, she will think of you ever time she plays with her computer.

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thanks for your input, everyone. i appreciate it.


she does not have an ipad, but she already has a sleeve for her macbook pro and a case for her iphone.


she's not a big drinker so i don't know if a bottle of wine will be good for her and i feel like chocolates are a little cliché. what's the difference between a gift certificate and a voucher, btw?


how about a nice pair of headphones for her iphone? the apple earbuds aren't that great and that's what she's using, although she did say they sound fine to her. i'm a DJ and computer musician so i think the apple one's are crap sounding. lol!


last night, she told me she loved my american apparel tri-blend tshirt i was wearing because it was so soft. link removed - maybe i should get her one in her size?


thanks again.

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Definitely get her a Christmas gift. Trust me, it's a lot more risky to not get her one! Especially if you guys are having sex, it would look a bit bad if you didn't. I think the gift cards idea is kind of not...romantic.


I've had lots of presents from guys. And I never remember the guys who gave me practical/useful things like ..a video game, headphones, an ordinary blanket, an itunes card (yes I got one from a guy lol), ....stuff like that doesn't really make her think of you, it's just stuff. Stuff she could get herself. I think you should get her something that only YOU could get her for christmas, as someone who likes her.


Maybe you can get her a bunch of little things, rather than one expensive thing. That will gives her lots of things to open, which will make her really happy..


Get her something that she will remember you for. Get her a cute teddy bear with a heart. Get her something that will make her laugh. Maybe one of those cute moving animals that sing a christmas song (get a cute one though, not an annoying one lol)? I have this cute dog one that rolls around all over the ground while barking merry christmas. It cracks me up Then since it's all little things, you can sneak chocolates in there, an ornament, little cute glass statues, or pretty rocks, and maybe personalize something too....to show her you care. Write her up a nice card.


A bunch of little things to unwrap is a lot more exciting. Girls love little things. Make sure to wrap it too, it makes it more personal if you wrap it yourself. Trust me! Maybe say "Don't look too close at the wrapping paper, or you might notice my wrapping skills" Then she'll know you tried hard to wrap it. It's cute. hehe, I dunno, just ideas!

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