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Should I reach out- it's been a week.


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Hey any ideas??? bf of 2 half yrs n i were on a break. Told me he has been kissing a girl 10days after he left. I was so upset on the phone I eventually hung up on him. He said that he had wanted a clean break but felt for me so went with us being on a "break". I blocked him on skype on fbook. He appears online everyday on yahoo im-i know he's doing that for me cos he doesn't communicate with other people online. I told his mum I needed to sever contact with her too(we used to chat every wk). He hasn't emailed or reached out. I do love him n I guess I want him to want me back in his life. He has said I was the best relationship he had.. Why does he appear and not reach out? I need to get keys of my apt. off him which he will have to mail me.

Whats best thing to do?

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technically we were on a break tho... heart goes on.... 10days into it.


Yes, but his definition of "a break" was entirely different than yours, and judging by his actions it appears that he's already checked out of the relationship. A wiser choice would be to go completely "NC" and accept that he's moved on. Easier said than done, but having respect for yourself speaks volumes.

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Tough situation. It isn't easy to 'just move on', I know this feeling too well. So what do you need to do? If he has 'kissed' some other girl his feelings had obviously changed for you. So start thinking about your 2 year relationship. What things do you think you did to lead him into this decision? If you think that your relationship was great! I would have to say you were wrong. No one leaves a relationship then 'hooks' up with someone if things are GREAT! Try to identify and take responsibility for any of your issues, if you can identify them I think you will easily be able to make a list of them, just be honest and open. Once you have done this you will then be able to try and fix these problems. You Do need to talk to your family and friends. They are going to be your best support system during this time. If you can't then you need to go to a counsellor, priest, rabi, etc, etc, you just need someone to listen to you right now. And obviously this iste will help too!! My advice for NC is: NC is not for everyone, sure it can work for some, but not every situation calls for NC. Only you will be able to decide this Good luck my friend.

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Yes you are all right. He obviously didn't care for me as much I had thought he did. His words were saying he did....that he hadn't given up on us, but actions have said otherwise, cemented by the fact that he hasn't even reached out. I asked him how he would feel if it had been me who was seeing someone else (who has a bf! fyi) and he admitted he'd feel like total crap. I guess he's appearing online to try to reassure himself, his guilt...like I'm here if you need/want to talk to me.

We definitely had issues. I became pregnant and he was in a foreign country with no money no visa and no job. He got depressed and wanted to go volunteer to find himself, but swore he wasn't looking for another-it was about him. I bought him clothes and put money in his pocket going there-we both were still loving eachother n it felt like we would be jst taking time away for awhile. He said that it made it easier for him to hook up with someone else because I had shown him disrespect during the relationship. But I never did anything with any other guy-felt like he was passing blame n justifying.

It's hard to let go. I wanted to have the baby with him. I believed we could work....

But if I meant anything to him he'd have made some form of contact and would have honored what we had and given it more time to move on.

It hurts and it's tough but I hope time will heal...

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