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I'm going to try to not sound like too much of a jerk but this is what happened:


I had been talking to a girl online for around 3 months, I liked talking to her but I wasn't attracted to her physically. We met today, and both of us wanted to have sex, so eventually, a few hours after meeting, we slept together.


It wasn't great, I wasn't comfortable, but straight afterwards I got up and got dressed, and told her I was going home. She wasn't happy, which is totally understandable as I didn't exactly wait long until I left (she knew I had to go home tonight).


My question is, I am currently feeling a really horrible emotion, I think it must be guilt, and I've never felt this before, I feel like scum and like I done a really bad thing (which I did).


I suppose I just need to someone to confirm this is what I am feeling! I feel really sad, I have no feelings for her but she is a properly nice person, I like her a lot as a friend.


Please don't be too harsh, I've never had a one night stand before, I assumed this was the normal way to behave, but she informed me that it is not!


By the way, just in case it matters, I'm a woman and we're both gay... which probably just makes it worse, if anything.

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I'm sure she doesn't want to be with me but yes, I did apologise. I make a very bad excuse for needing to go home early (which was true nonetheless!) and I think that just made things worse. I think perhaps I should just leave it but I feel bad because she's probably insulted.

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It's understandable that she feels bad because you upped and left straight after the sex.


I think you should text or email her apologising once more and that you'd like to stay in contact as friends (that's if you want just a friendship). She may or may not reply however at least you've apologised and tried to make amends.

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