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Feeling depressed due to my lack of friends...help?


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I used to have a circle of friends but almost all of them moved away to go to school or travel...the remaining ones (which is only 2) have busy lives now with school/work/boyfriends and don't really have time to hang out with me. This has left me having to search for new friends.


I've tried to make friends at work and have had better luck with the guys (I'm a girl). I work at large grocery store and sometimes I'll meet a guy and we'll become friends. But it only ever lasts for a bit, as many are looking for a relationship and or sex, not to be 'just friends'. So I am left friendless, feeling depressed and used (some of the guys I've hung with were good-natured, others just wanted sex). Even my relatives aren't close with me, so I only really have my mom to talk to. I just feel really lonely. I do have hobbies, for instance I exercise everyday and play guitar. These make me happy but I still feel down afterwards.


What should I do? I don't go away to school until at least 8 months from now. Anyone else in my situation? How do you cope?

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Dear Confused Person,


I'm sorry about your current situation. But keep your chin up. Don't be so down. Look, you start school in 8 months, and you're gonna meet all kinds of intriguing and neat people you can become friends with there. Until then, go out and explore. Coffeehouses are a pretty good place to meet new people. I've met a few friends there. I'll usually go with a friend or two and just hang out. Start up a convo with people at the next table, just be yourself and you'll make some good connections.


Where do you live btw? You sound like a nice person. I also work out everyday AND play guitar, maybe we can be friends ^_^

Message me and I'll add you on facebook

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I so feel you. I really have no friends. I am a loner, and I do love being alone most of the time and I do have one really good best friend, but she lives in a different time zone so I am lucky when I get to talk to her and I talk to my sister and grandma on the phone time and time again and i am married, but my husband is gone half the week and even when he is home, there is nothing to do, so yeah, I do feel alone about 90% of the time. It does really suck. I do have a couple of girls that I talk to that were in my classes, but really nothing super. I'm sorry I have nothing substantial to contribute, but know that you are not alone!

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I know what you mean. About 6-7 years ago I made a lot of friends around guitar and pot. Fast forward a few years later, I stopped smoking pot, and time just kept going. Almost all my friends have moved away, and I only have 1 friend I see now and really only ever other week. I'm lucky enough to have a father that I get along with really well.


I go for walks everyday and play the guitar, drums, and a few other instruments.


Maybe we're all cursed?


I feel lonely, but I don't feel the need to make friends. I don't know. I'd like to meet a woman to date or be in a relationship with, and that's about all. I guess I'm just not very demanding socially. And I'm not suggesting that you are.

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