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my dream, is it a message?


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Firstly I know this probably isn't the right place, but I also don't know how I should proceed.


My ex broke NC a few days ago. We dated for four years and have been NC for about 6 months. I reacted calmly until she started telling me that her hearts broken and that its my fault. I admit I flipped out.


Anyway, she says that she misses me so much and that she misses our love. She hasn't explicitly said that she wants to get back together but she did beg me not to disappear and says that she really wants to sit and talk on Wednesday.


Here comes the weird part. Last night I had a dream that her and I were in an apartment, in bed making out and touching, etc. We were being happy. Then a Guy cones in and starts initiating sex with her. She willingly reciprocated, I stood up and walked outside, and told my mom about it. Of all people. I was really angry.


Anyway, I'm concerned as to if this is a warning about the future, or repressed feelings of the past. I haven't dreamt of her in months.


What say you guys?

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I had never dreamt of my ex before, and I did last night.

For some reason I was going to school (I wasn't that young though) with a male classmate. The ex comes and wants to talk to me. We sat in a park swing. He said that everyone is keep telling him it was a mistake to break up with me, his family was expecting us to get engaged not apart, he is confused, but maybe the right thing is to get back together...

I told him that I am not going to have this conversation until he realizes what he wants. And I left with my classmate...

I wish he came back in real life... but wow I rejected him!

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It means you will not forget about what she has done and it will hunt you. Just move on!


yup... If you have any doubts about your decision talk to her and see what she has to say. After that make a decision based on what she has to offer. If she doesn't wanna give it another try and wants a casual talk, sex or whatever- MOVE ON.

p.s. i've been having dreams almost every night about my ex, doesn't mean anything at all...

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I believe it is a manifestation of your sub-conscious fear that your ex will come back into your life, draw you back into the relationship, and then leave for another man. I also believe you should trust your instinct on this and be very careful with what she wants on Wed.

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I don't know that the dream itself means anything per se, but it might well be you sending yourself a message that you're now willing to look at any feelings of betrayed in the relationship and are acknowledging your anger towards your ex--not an unhealthy thing. I don't usually attach too much meaning to dreams, but rather use them as a guage to my emotions about situations or people. The day I knew I was really healing from my ex was following a very vivid dream in which he tried to initiate our getting back together and I told him, "You're no good for me," then turned and walked away leaving him open-mouthed at my rejection. In real life I'd always chased him and accepted him back and had never done that. It helped me focus on what my head had known all along about the relationship not being a good one.


In the end though it's what happens in real life that counts.

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I think your dream just reflects the fact that life is moving on as it should when breakups happen. Your going to your mom just symbolizes the difference between people who are permanently in your life (your true support system) and people who can come and go. You need to focus on building your relationships with your family & friends, and let the Ex go.

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