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How to beat constipation


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Hey guys i have brain cancer, im ok but the chemo and all the pills not only kills my immune system but binds me up terrible... stool softeners and fiber do nothiag, and last time i went to the bathroom there was blood on the toilet paper... needless to say i do not want to take any more solid poops help?

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Go to your local drugstore or a place like Target/Wal-Mart and look for Magnesium Citrate. It's a liquid found in a bottle. Drink the whole thing and make sure you take it when you will be close to a toilet for the whole day. For me, it didn't really take into effect until the morning (I had taken it at night), but I do know that it can work sooner for others. If it works for you, it will clean everything out and I mean everything!


Buy 2 just in case.


I hope this helps you and I'm really sorry to hear about your health situation. I hope the treatment you are receiving helps bring you to a speedy recovery.

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I vote for magnesium citrate too. I used that in the past and it worked in 1 HOUR, I kid you not. But it may work more slowly for you. Still, it worked really well.


Have you also tried milk of magnesia, mineral oil, etc? As always, always check with your doctor.


I hope you are back to full health soon. Take care.

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Taco Bell. LOL! Just kidding, of course... but that stuff is deadly!


I would take the safe route and talk to your doctor or pharmacist. You are on some pretty serious meds and the last thing you would want to do is take something harmful and/or something that inadvertantly interacts with your current meds. Your doctor/pharmacist has seen and heard it all before... maybe it's a side effect and it's as simple as switching "brands" of the medicine you are currently on.


Don't guess... ask.

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And another for mag citrate. However, the bottled liquid is usually powerful and used for a one-time deal -- it's not really for regular use.


But magnesium supplements (I suggest capsules or powder) can also have this effect, and you can build up to see how much you require to get the effect. Magnesium is a very abundant mineral in the human body, so it's not easy to overdose to toxic levels as in trace minerals. The usual sign of taking too much is diarrhea. If you find mag citrate effective, I'd suggest you try taking it on a daily basis to bowel tolerance.


Mega doses of vitamin C (over 10 g/day) can also do this. Some people have used mega dosing of vitamin C to boost immunity when undergoing chemo.


In either of these cases, yes, do double-check with your doctor.


I'm sorry to hear this, about your situation. I wish for you full recovery, and soon. Hang in there.

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I am surprised your docs haven't mentioned Miralax to you- its now available over the counter, but is cheaper usually if you get it as a prescription. It is a powder that dissolves completely in water or juice. There is no taste to it. You drink it once per day in 8 oz of liquid. It is commonly prescribed for patients that are taking other medications or have illnesses that cause chronic constipation.


Once you get a major blockage removed with mag citrate, get on the Miralax 1x per day and you will get back to normal in no time.

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