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Oh boy what have I done now?!


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My ex broke up with me on Valentine's day in 2011. It was big and messy.


A week later, a girl at my work was chatting it up with me on facebook. I had been talking to her about the whole break up and she was there for me. She told me I needed to get out to get my mind off of the break up and then said "hang out with meeeeeeeeeeeee". So I did. We went to the movies on the night prior to my birthday in march.


After a while of hanging out, she quickly became one of my best friends, if not the best. I have so much respect for this girl because she went through something similar a few months eariler, and we were both just enjoying the company of each other, if nothing else, distracting each other from our ugly personal lives - a step out of reality.


Now fast forward to 11/11, me, her, and a few people are all friends, we all hang out several nights a week, and we all just bought plane tickets to go to florida for a week in 1/12.




My ex had lead me on for some months post-breakup, leaving the wounds open again. At least, until about two weeks ago. I was driving my car to get some food because I was getting kind of cramped up in my house and was a wee bit lonely.


and like a freight train hitting a car I had an epiphany. On the road. Returning home with taco bell.


I really like this girl. She saved me from my troubled state from my ex. She has been there for me for ~8 months. We're rediculously compatible. My entire family loves her, I've never met anyone who dislikes her, she's the sweetest girl ever.


Chance #1 Blown.


Back within a few months of us first hanging out, I was talking to her on facebook. I said something along the lines of "I feel like crap about myself", not too positive on what I said. She responded using the word adorable to describe me. Thinking back now, I hate myself even more! I'm 90% sure the conversation went like this:


her: I have something to tell you

me: what?

her: nevermind..

me: lol come on, tell me!!

her: no

me: why? just tell me!

her: fine i think your adorable


I'm a dumbarse.


Chance #2 Blown.


Okay well this one is not as much of a chance as it is a eye opener. My brother's fiance was talking to her and asked her if she liked me. This was more recent. She responded with how she thinks im cute but we're probably better off as friends, because my ex was still kind of messing with me.



I do little things today that still kind of hint towards my interest of her, for example I'll refer to us hanging out as a date (she doesnt respond negatively at all), physically flirt with her (push her when teasing etc) and she does the same. I make a consious effort to not talk about past relationships, because frankly they don't matter anymore.



The world around me is trying to tell me something? maybe not...


I hear people at work always talking about how we would make a great couple. I'll start to think of us not really being compatible, and then something will happen unexplainably. Ill get a text from her, or even something as stupid as seeing her last name in a street sign when driving somewhere (not a very common last name/word).



What should I do? She is such a close friend, yet, we are so compatible with personality and interests. I don't want to lose the friendship, but I want more with her. How do I know what to do? I already know what I want.

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Only one way to go buddy, ask her out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You may loose a friend, or you could gain the love of your life, you just never know. The worst that can happen ATM? She says no, and you guys stay friends (have to get over the awkwardness after asking her out though)

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