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boyfriend hasn't made a move on me after 3 months?


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so I have been dating this guy for 3 months now, and we haven't done anything more then kiss, and only short ones (no tongue)

I am not a virgin, and I've made it apparent I'm not prudish or against sex but I have a feeling he might be a virgin (which i'm fine with). He has mentioned he doesn't believe in waiting for marriage, but the way he reacts to sexual innuendos on TV seems like he's not very experienced.


anyways, so I had to make the first move with the first kiss and I even texted him saying I want to spend some alone time with him and make out and such and he STILL hasn't tried anything with me.


he is very shy, but I've just never met a guy who hasn't made any attempt to initiate some sexual thing with his girlfriend. it seems weird for someone his age (we are both in our late teens so hormones should be raging haha!)


I am quite sexually experienced, but being around his awkwardness makes me uncomfortable to make a move to do something more than just kiss so how can i get him to make a move on me? I know sex isn't the only thing in a relationship, but I've had a dry spell lately and I need to get some action to be blunt haha!


I'm open to any suggestions to get him to try something or any suggestions on what I can do to make a move without making him even more uncomfortable that he already is.



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3 months is still in the getting to know you period. I wouldn't rush sex. I would just simply get to know him on a deeper level and if you can emotionally connect, it would make things easier. I think you should put aside whatever dry spell you are having and communicate. btw, there are a LOT of guys and girls your age that DO NOT have sex. Believe it or not. I thought a lot of people were sexually active among my classmates and it turned out that most of them were not. They just gave the impression that they were. Most of my friends waited until college or marriage or the latest in their mid 20s before they had sex - they may not have all waited until marriage but were waiting for the right one - getting into a relationship and being with that person for quite awhile.


At the age you are, I would focus on getting to know this young man and not on trying to get him in bed. He has a lot of other expectations on him, such as grades, getting into college if you are still in high school, or like I was, he could be a late bloomer. I wasn't a late bloomer just because "i didn't have sex" but i didn't even date til i was well out of high school.


Take advantage of the time you have to still have an innocent relationship and believe me, if you wait until a relationship is far along and don't worry about a dry spell, it will be even greater.

But if all you care about is sex - then find someone else

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You say he is shy, which may very well be the case and if he is a virign may not know exactly what to do to initiate with you. He may also be aware that you are more experienced and may be waiting for you to initiate.


If you want to push things forward I don't think you are going to get him to make a move. If you want it, you are going to have to do it. take it fairly slowly, but some time when you are both alone and there is no-one else around or any chance someone might turn up, then tell him you want to play a game with him. Then promptly take your top off, bra and all and help him to touch you. Get him comfortable with the idea of it (assuming he hasn't run off in fear by then) then tell to take his top off. Then take your pants/skirt off and guide him to play with you through your underwear, etc etc until you get to the humping part or he flees. This might take one evening, or might take several days. But if you like this guy enough, then you'll go there.


Make sure you know if he has a religious hold back first too.


And if you can't go down this path or he runs away and can't be coaxed back, then perhaps you'll just need to find someone else to help you with your urges.

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that is something i hadn't considered. At this age - you live with your folks and any alone time is probably in front of the tv when they are asleep or when they are out to dinner most likely. with my first bf there was just no way in heck we would try anything beyond kissing, etc, or with clothes off because we could stop at a moment's notice, etc. I didn't have the real chance to do anything with my bf other than when my parents were out at a party until we went away on a trip. And then we decided to not go all the way by our own choice. We DEFINITELY didn't have the type of parents who would thought it would be okay for us to spend the night together in eachother's rooms for sure. And that is NOT a bad thing.


You Can just take the lead, but also keep these things in mind. I honestly wouldn't just whip my shirt off without having a conversation about how far you should go with eachother when the opportunity arises. And like i say, keep in mind his hesitations could also do with the environment in which you make out in,. 3 months is still a short time to date, though to expect sex.

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btw, it is also a good learning experience here not to get instant gratification. It will help you in the future when choosing people to date when immediate sex isn't necessary. We tend to think more clea3rly about partner selection when we don't feel we have hot coals in our pants (masturbation IS an option!).

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