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so i met someone and im a bit confuse if shes interested or not.


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Two nights ago at a new pub my friend opened.


So a little background of myself - im a bit of a shy guy. Decent looking, to some, maybe attractive/good looking.


So anyway on Friday, i told my friend i was interested in the female bartender (her name esther). So he went and asked her to sit beside me to for a drink. She did, i tried to struck up a convo with her but her answers were kinda short. The only thing she asked me was my age (as i look kinda young for my age - im 28). Shes 20.


Saturday (last night), i went down again. And it was already obvious i was interested in her, basically the whole pub knew (wasnt packed last night) so i was even more shy than usual. So my drunk friends went up to her and got her number for me. One of my friends( a girl ) said, my friend(me) wants your number and would like to have coffee with you sometime. She gave her number to my friend and as soon as we were leaving, Esther walked towards me and said " i gave your friend my number.." smiled, and walked off.



The bads (my observation)

- she didnt ask questions about me ( so i assume she was somewhat not interested)

- i texted her last night (after i left) saying "hey, dont mind my friends, they're a bit pushy". But go no reply until now.

- i feel she was just doing her job as a bartender i guess.. i duno



The Good

- She obviously knew i was interested but gave me her number

- i caught her looking at me numerous times throughout the night



So i guess my question is how do i know if shes into me? D: and i know i should wait for her to text me back instead of being too persistent i guess. Your thoughts?

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This is advice that everyone has been giving me, but I would ask another girl out as well. That way, you will feel more relaxed and you have more options on the table. And girls don't just give out their number to anyone. Sure it's her job to be nice, but it's not her job to date you. Give it a few days and then call her!

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A. She gave you her number, which is good. And she let you know that she gave it to them for you which is also good.


B. Perhaps think of the situation not as "Does she like me?" but more "Do I like her?" That way, it's more like you're making sure that you're interested in her not the other way around which may help you to relax.


Good luck!

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