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Can OCD return after I ceased treatment?


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I have obsessive compulsive behavior, and had it since I was a kid.Back when I was 15(I'm 21 now) it has gotten pretty bad(that is when I was diagnosed with it).

It was worse then the usual obsessions, and it went into deep depresion which made me think about suicide a lot,and worse,I was at a point where that anxiety feeling tha t I got when I didn't followed my "rituals" started not only to become stronger,but also to appear without any reason(no particular obsession trigered it).

That is when I decided to get help.


Now, 5 years later,I am fine,been off treatment for 4 months, and in March I am scheduled for a psihologic exam.

The problem is that in the past month, I started having some obsessions again, aswell as some feelings of unease(light anxiety?) so I don't know if I should call my doctor or if I should wait.

I heard that this disease can't be fully healed, so maybe feeling like this at some time after I ceased treatment is normal?

I just feel I am sliping back again.

What do you think, should I wait?

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I'd go ahead and get a consult soonest. It can be stress-triggered - as in, stress makes it worse. If you're having "minor" issues, those will stress you more, and could make it worse - and it's probably going to be easier on you to take care of it before it escalates.


Worst case is they say you're worrying too much - best case, you get some assistance before it's unmanageable and works you into another depression!!!

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My understanding is OCD is lifelong and people need to work on it for their entire life. It has it's ebbs and high times. My husband has had this since childhood and so does my son. My husband is currently in an ebb where it does not significantly affect his life. If you find your symptoms have increased this is probably not the time to stop treatment.

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