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Some Advice Would Be Appriciated Please


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Hi guys...


I recently met an awesome girl in bournemouth and after meeting her down there twice (second was arranged) we have both been talking and having a good chat

While down there we kissed and had a cuddle and we both said it felt amazing..

Anyway we both had to return home sadly and i recieved a text saying how much she liked me and she wanted to take things slow..

Im cool with that no worries but im worried about the fact we live around 1hr away and i wont get to see her as often as i like..

I would love some advice on how to play this one and how best to keep her liking me with the distance and talking etc

many thanks guys

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Hi there,


Do either of you drive? And have a car? If so, would either of you be prepared to drive the distance to see the other?


Long distance relationships work. However, as you're still in the early stages of dating, it's probably best to see each other as much as possible, to avoid this fizzling out.


Make sure you communicate with her often. Communication is key in a long distance relationship.


Keep us all posted.

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Thanks ..


I drive and would be prepared to see her and have already tried getting some weekends off but train is also an option and she would be prepared as well so im sure it looks good.. I guess im worried when she dosnt text back or see some guy post on her wall but i cant worry or complain i dont no her friends etc.. i think it will go well i can only pray and see how it goes

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