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how to be well-rounded?


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I been told I'm not well-rounded because I don't speak up or express myself enough.


But in the definition it says being good at most things and the ability to be interested in many things or something like that.


The thing is I am not good at alot of things but I like try my best.


Even though I am not good at sports or video games, but i still do my best and don't give up. I am no perfectionist because I know I have my flaws but I try to do it perfectly. Like when I do projects or any assignment that was giving to me it has to be perfect otherwise I won't accept my work.

Overtime I learned how to fix my own computers through doing my own researches and learn things on my own. In college, I took many classes so that I can learn different things, so I can master it and not rely on someone. I plan on taking automotive classes so I can learn how to fix my own car and I continue to learn other things as well.


oh yea.. i am trying to express myself more little by little


I always struggled academically, but I never gave up and continued to learn. Nowadays people don't see me put much effort into the things I like to do and they probably think I am a person who gives up easily. I think I know why one of my friend said that because I told him I want to learn how to play the guitar, but I never really master it. I have a learning disability, so it was so hard for me to learn and plus I wanted to go community college to learn but cannot bring a guitar onto the bus and expect people won't steal it. Too risky...


Someone did tell me that I am thought-minded individual because I told him that college students don't really get involved or volunteer in any organization because they don't get paid and make excuses like they are busy and they say its a waste of time because it doesn't benefit them. it's always been and always has been What's in it for me? I told him that I want to become a mentor for these students to help them set up their goals, and what they want to major in, and their future. I know a lot of students chooses a career or major that a majority of the people takes or because they're friend or family told them to choose that. I know many students who regretted choosing their major and end up changing their major or or have a career change and end up unhappy with their life. So i wanted to help them find out what they truly love and also i am being more politically active and helping my community.


is this not called well-rounded? o.0 otherwise I don't understand the definition of this. I just don't get the definition haha

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Well-rounded can mean a lot of things to different people.


I'd same I'm pretty well rounded. A Jack of all trades. I've got a ton of hobbies, ton of talents, ton more to come. To give you an idea, I paint (mediocre, but better than most), play piano and sax and harmonica, gymnastics, various martial arts, various dance styles, mixing drinks, photography (new to it), professional card dealer, various sports. Also read lots, read over 100 books on my shelf about various topics. I watch a lot of documentaries too, I have over 300 documentaries on my computer, I've watched maybe 2/5th of them on my commutes to school and work. I'm also caught up with the news, as it's required for my field of studies.

One of my goals in life is to be well rounded, but more than that, to actually master these things that I do and that's hard, especially at the level I wish to acquire. I want to be a real Renaissance Man.


But really, if I could be GREAT at ONE thing, I think I would trade it all for that. So focus on one thing. You know what they say, he who chases two rabbits catches none.

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There was another topic by a different user that was pretty much asking exactly the same.


Anyway, I take well rounded to mean that you have varied interests, knowledge and skills.


Sounds like you are involving yourself in things that will make you more well rounded (cars, politics and community), maybe your interests and knowledge are too focused on a small area? I don't think it is the case from the sounds of it and I don't think that it is necessarily a bad thing though. It just means you are a specialist.


I don't really think you are doing much wrong to be honest.

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