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Suddenly nervous around my boyfriend


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So last week I met my boyfriend's (of one month) parents and he met my parents 3 days later. I was nervous to meet his parents, but I was fine once I got there. Then a couple days I brought him to my parents house for dinner. I was sooo nervous that my stomach hurt all day and I couldn't even eat dinner that night. I have anxiety issues, so I tend to get major reactions to simple things. I understand my nervousness, but it just seemed like it was way too much. And my parents loved him! So there was no reason to be nervous. But after he met them, I now feel super nervous around him. I even have puked a couple times when he has called me and when he came to the bar last Friday night for my birthday because I get sooo nervous. I was never nervous around him before?

How can I go back to how I used to be with him? I can easily say to myself 'you were never nervous around him before' but it doesn't help the nervous stomach or anxiety go away. Why am I all of the sudden getting nervous around him and how can I control it?

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Hi Becky2009,




Although the root of the issue may have been psychological, it now physically manifests itself , there-fore I would have to agree with the other two posters.


As an interim measure consider medication such as propranolol. It halts the physical side effects of anxiety without clouding or affecting the brain. A trip to the doctor is needed.


Once that's in place you can then begin to retrain your mind not register your boyfriend as a stress "threat" or trigger. A couple of books on NLP or CBT, or a short course should correct the blip. You should then be able to reduce and come off medication.


Right now, you see your boyfriend. It triggers anxiety. Time to break that feed-back loop.



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