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Don't want to appear clingy...


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I met this girl through an online dating site and we're now communicating through email. She is originally from my City and her family is here so she visits every few months it seems.


I am pretty sure she is somewhat interested or at least curious about me as she gave me her personal email, continues to communicate (although sporadically), and we plan to meet next time she is in town in a month or two.


Now comes the "clingy" part. She has apologized to me already and told me she is horrible with online communicating and it really shows (Unpredictable/Long response times, short emails, etc). Given this, when I email her I keep my messages very short... (ask her about her weekend, etc) We will usually respond once or twice and then after maybe another week I'll initiate another conversation.


She told me she will be visiting her family in the next couple months and we have agreed to hang out when she gets into town (although no exact date has been set as she hasn't booked her flight yet).


Since she much prefers in person contact, should I continue to initiate short email conversations with her on a weekly basis or just stop and hope she remembers to contact me when she comes to town? I almost feel like a pest by emailing her about something new every week.



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I personally think you should keep messaging her every now and again or else won't she forget about you or think you're not interested anymore? that's how I see it. Are you getting much out of this though? It must be hard to talk to her and get to know her if she isn't around and communication is so important when the other person doesn't live close by, it's not this woman's fault by any means...she sounds like she has her priorities.

So keep sending messages but know what you're getting yourself into, I guess you won't know until you meet her in person.

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I have never done long distance before and personally don't have a problem with it... mainly because I have the means to travel every other weekend or so.


You are right about communication being so important and her lack of communication is a flag for sure.. then again we don't exactly know each other that well other than through email. Her lack of communication kind of throws me off too because I can't tell how interested she is. When I email her, her responses seem upbeat and I don't get that annoyed vibe at all... but at the same time there is rarely any initiation on her end at all.


I vow not to email her until Thursday Let's see if I can do it! Haha...

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