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condom broke..morning after pill


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Last night I had sex with my boyfriend. I've been on birth control pills the last 6 years but was out of town and realized i didnt have my new pack with me. I decided to not take the pills this month since I would have been a couple of days late starting anyway and therefore they would have been somewhat useless. I just ended my period on Wednesday. My boyfirend and I had sex last night and were of course using condoms. Wellthe condom broke (which has never really happened before)..so this morning (about 12 hours after having sex) I went and took the morning after pill. I know no one here can give me facts and it would be wayy too early to even find out, but has anyone ever had this happento them? Or does anyone know about this? I just have anxiety about this and I'm pretty sure I should be fine since I took the morning after pillbut I've never taken it before so I'm pretty worried.

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The version of the morning after pill in the UK can work up to 72 hours after unprotected sex so I presume wherever you are it's a similar thing. So, 12 hours afterwards should be fine. Also, so soon after your period you won't be that fertile yet so again it's unlikely that you're pregnant. I have taken the morning after pill a few times in previous years and it has worked every time. I wouldn't stress about it if I were you, you've been sensible and taken the necessary precautions.


Of course this is my own experience and recommend that you continue using your BC pills and condoms so events like this are kept to a minimum!

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I've never taken it before though my good friend has had a lot of experience with it. I think the sooner you take it the better. My friend took it 3 times, first 2 times worked 3rd however did not and resulted in a pregnancy. The third time however she admitted to not using a condom at all so that could definitely be a factor in it failing.

So Im a bit iffy with the morning after pill since then. I think you should be fine however since this was your first time taking it, and you took it so soon. I wouldn't worry too much.

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