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Reading those book, and gaining knowledge into disorders etc...

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I am not one to spend countless hours figuring out behavior or reasons for why things happen.


But I have to admit, when you read these actual psychological problems, it is funny how well I am sure most of us can relate them to an ex.


I am not saying that these disorders are in them inherently, but our jaded view of our ex's can really be put into a compartment under these categories from how they were when with us.


Just my two cents. I am not justifying my ex's and her ways, but it is funny how her behavior and past relationships are so well reflected in these disorders, problems, etc.


If what these articles and books say are true, and my ex does apply, She is in for some deep depression in her life. But hopefully she does not fall into that category, because that would be quite sad.

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There was a wonderful thread on here, with personality disorder diagnoses for exes; I can't locate the thread, but here's the gist of it:


- Narcissist = They have moved on


- Bipolar = Their feelings changed at some point


- BPD = They broke up with me


- Sociopath = They didn't get along with my friends


- Multiple Personality Disorder = They are dating someone new


- Pathological liar = They said they would love me forever


- Commitment Phobe = He didn't propose


- Codependent = They are really in love with someone who isn't me


- Histrionic Personality Disorder = I saw them kissing their new partner in public


- Sex addict = there was porn in his browser history.


The point is, all of us have personality characteristics which would be described as 'disorders' if they were marked enough to affect our functioning and ability to deal with the world. It's easy to read a list of traits and relate them to an ex, or someone who hurt us, and look at the problem in the relationship as being all about them.


I had an ex-casual partner who carried on harassing me for months after I told him it was over, to the point that I reported him to the police. He told me I had a variety of personality disorders - he'd done an OU introductory course in psychology, you see, and I was 'afraid that he'd rumbled me'. Apparently the fact that I didn't want to continue a relationship with him showed that there was something pathologically wrong with me, and this is true of many people who have ended relationships when they realised that it was really, really not going to work.

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