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Am I overact ?


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I found out my husband masturbating when I'm not at home

and lie to me when I ask about the truth .

And, he admit after when I show the history browser that all he surf for a day.


He promised me he will never do that but he did it and broke the promise

which caused me mad with him so badly with no words almost a week in separate bed.


He still stand for a forgiveness from me but I couldn't forgive him...

Am I overact to get angry for that ?

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I agree with what's been said. It's completely normal to masterbate while in a relationship (or married) and it has nothing to do with you. Asking him not to is completely unreasonable.


How do you get over your feelings of being upset? By realizing that it's about your own insecurity. That it has nothing to do with how attractive you are or how much you satisfy him. That even if you were Angelina Jolie and had sex with him twice a day - he'd still probably masterbate just because it's fun and it's different.


Think about it... why does it upset you?

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