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I hate my twin sister so much. She copies me with everything! Guys, friends, my style Jesus Christ!


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Oh my god

I'm so $%! pissed off. I hate my twin sister she is so annoying! I am trying so hard to make new friends especially with guys, and here she is.. butting in trying to be their friends too?!? Doesn't she have her own damn life? I'm so tired of this. So tired. I'm livid. What the heck? Can she get her own life? She already ruined it the first time. I added my crush and this guy I'm friends with on fb and then she goes and copies me I ask my friend out to the movies to watch that new movie inception, but there she is joining in nobody was even speaking to her?!?!?! I hate her so much. She keeps stealing my friends and any chance I get. So then I meet a new guy, I say 'oh wow he's cool we should be friends so I add him up on fb' and he came over and what does she do? she copies me!! She goes and asks him the same damn questions that I ask, tries to invite herself yet again, I literally want her dead, I've never been so repulsed by anyone in my entire life. I'm so sick of this #%! I'm 17, trying to make my own friends have my own life trying to enjoy my summer and here she is trying to copy me and butt in. I got a job and SHE EVEN WANTED TO APPLY AT THE SAME COMPANY!! oh my god I want to hit something right now! I'm seriously NOW considering living on residence when I graduate next year to get away from this repulsive little freak.


I'm sorry for the tl;dr and the harsh words but I am completely fed up

I want my own god damn life ugh

Advice cause I am sopissed off right now.

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If you want your own life then take it. Tell her you love her...(b/c you do deep down) but you need some space to do your own thing. It must be extar difficult b/c you're twins but you're bth 17 and you need to become your own person and so does she. This is a realtionship just like any other if you need a break then take one....talk to her about it....after you calm down of course.

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She's an annoying brat is what she is

she can't have her own life or build one

I'm surprised I'm the younger twin!

She can't do things for herself it's so annoying

this just makes me want to go out there more and meet more people

instead of sticking to school, where she will fricking follow me since she's pretty much a loser that can't do anything for herself


I sound horrible but Im so sick of this. She follows me. All the time.

I go out and try to socialize

she follows me. GO. AWAY.

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Have you asked her why she always wants to be around you and do the same exact things you want to do?

Maybe she wants to get closer to you or maybe she enjoys doing the same things as you do.


Either way, you should definitely sit down and have an honest conversation with her. Tell her how you feel and explain to her that while she is your sister, you would like some space to be able to do your own thing.

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Have you asked her why she always wants to be around you and do the same exact things you want to do?

Maybe she wants to get closer to you or maybe she enjoys doing the same things as you do.


Either way, you should definitely sit down and have an honest conversation with her. Tell her how you feel and explain to her that while she is your sister, you would like some space to be able to do your own thing.



she will get all defensive, annoying, emotional and she will pick up an attitude with me. I can't stand her. Before, I loved her and always wanted her around

now she makes me sick, she's so repulsive everything about her

the fact that she isn't doing squat with her life, the fact that she waits for me to do something to give her validation, thus the 'right' to follow through and copy me makes me so damn angry. Ugh I hate it

I hate sharing a stupid room with her, hate her voice, her face, her entire being

she's so annoying. People say 'wish I had a twin' trust me YOU DONT YOU really DONT. and I added a couple of guys I made Friends with in summer school on facebook! And she never did! Until she found out that I did!

God what a repulsive loser.

I sound viscious

but man.


It's best to ignore her, completely like she doesn't even exist

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Do you plan on going to college and live on campus? If so then pick a different college then your sister. You may have to lie about what school you are going to, and ask your parents to help you with the lie


May you please write paragraphs? They will help us understand you better.


Never talk to her again and say that until she realises that she needs to have a life of her own you will not come back in her life.


That is awful advice. She should not always ignore her sister.

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From what you've wrote I'm surprised anyone at all wants to imitate you.


How could you possibly wish her to die? Shame.


If telling her to stop doesn't work then disown her, from what I've read you don't care about her anyway so it will be easy.


This happens all the time with siblings not just twins. (My twin and I are quite different)

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i'm a twin also. i actually understand where you are coming from, because my twin sister copies me also. it is pretty bad.


first of all, it's been my experience that people who aren't twins just don't get it. they think we're delusional for thinking along these lines. but nope, it really is an issue. how would they feel if they were attached to someone else in such a way that they never got to have their own identity? it can be suffocating at times. so don't worry, you're okay for acknowledging how you feel.


i think that parents with twins need to raise them to be individuals from the beginning. unfortunately for me, that didn't happen. my twin and i did everything together. we were like a gimmick. we weren't even called by our individual names. we were addressed as "twins."


anyway, my entire life has been filled with examples of where i tried to go a separate way from her and then, when i expressed happiness in various pursuits, my twin sister copied me. my friends became her friends. my athletic goals became her athletic goals. my college choice became her college choice. my major in college became her major in college. if a guy likes me, she gets super mad and mean, even if she already has a boyfriend. oh and the style thing? that drives me crazy too. i like the way i dress, and it is super annoying when anyone comes along and tries to put "you" on, much less the person who happens to already look just like you. i have tried to express to her how much i would like to have one thing in life that is just my own. she doesn't get it. maybe she's in denial. what's worse is that she gets very competitive with me, and i really don't want her around me when i'm doing something that i love. honestly it's a negative energy that i can't take. so usually i just lose interest in the thing that i originally loved, because of her. i actually have stopped talking to her recently because i just can't take it any more. i've had enough.


the feelings you have are real, and you have a right to be irritated. you have a right to be you, not your twin's sister. it's sad that it has to be this way. i know you love her deep down. it's okay. i'm right there with you. hope that helps.

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I used to hate my brother when we lived with my parents, we had massive arguments and fights all the time, it was pretty horrible and must have been terrible for my mum & dad.


Once he had been at university for a year or so everything changed, I think he chilled out a lot and I grew up a bit - and we have basically been best friends ever since. I think he's an awesome guy and we're ridiculously similar.


So don't write your sister off, it sounds like you certainly need a bit of space and to develop as individuals (sharing a room must be awful!) but I think you'll regret it later if you completely cut her off.

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That is awful advice. She should not always ignore her sister.


I don't agree, if two brothers or sisters follow the same path they will end up being the same person, only by seperation one can choose their own destiny in life and become an individual.

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I know how you feel. I have a twin sister too who does the samething but shes younger then me. she thinks she's the only one who has feelings, she can hit me anytime she wants but I'm not even allowed to touch her, if I do older brothers and sister would be all over me. she says I have too many problems...... I do have problems. too bad I can't even talk to anyone around me

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A twin relationship IS very unique. My grandpa is a twin. My aunt is a twin. My dad's cousin has twin boys. Even if people are raised as individuals, there is a natural connection there. And besides, you celebrate milestones together and do new things at the same time - first time driving, etc. I think that you shouldn't fight fire with fire. I think that you should consciously make the decision to have a "sisters night." Do something with just your sister one night a week or 10 days or so. Just with her. Go shopping. Bond. Go to a movie. Whatever. But I think instead of constantly running away and trying to ditch her, this may solve her want for togetherness. It will show that you love and value her. Then make plans with your friend OUTSIDE OF FACEBOOK. Include your sister when "a bunch of people are getting together," as in a party but make one on one or two on one plans with friends separately. CALL THEM UP - don't post on their walls.


BTW, all this talk about "i am surprised I am the younger twin.." by a few minutes?? really, it has nothing to do anything.

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I am also an identical twin, so I can KIND of see where you are coming from. I think every twin struggles with this...finding and developing their own identity outside of the "twinship". My brother and I used to fight tooth and nail every day over the stupidest stuff. We always got mad at each other for copying the other. I think that's just part of being a twin.


I think the competitiveness between twins is a very positive thing though. It certainly pushed my brother and I to be better at EVERYTHING than we would have been had it just been one of us.



Wait until you are separated for the first time for a long term. It will change your perspective.


A twin sibling is seriously probably one of the strongest bonds one can have. I know it's hard to see that where you guys are, but please don't take that for granted. Being a twin is a unique and rare thing. You have a ready-made friend for life that is EXACTLY like you. That is can be a good thing.


Do your best to maintain your own identity by doing things apart. Talk to your sister about what you are feeling, because chances are, she probably feels the same. You might even fight over it. But in the end, and deep down you know this-you guys are the strongest of allies.


And don't forget that bond you share-embrace it.

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I'm really hating my twin sister alot now. She copies me on everything I do, and it's really annoying me and pissing me off sooo much that I wish I wasn't a twin and that shed just disappear out o my life. For example I love doing my make up I want to become a professional makeup artist and when I started doing make up he'd critize me about how I do it and make nasty faces at me, I started coloring in my eyebrows which defines your face more and then she started doin it, I normally do a brown smokey eye since it goes with everything I wear and she said "you always do that," and shed make faces, and now she does it, and I started wearing lashes and she said " you wear fake lashes smh" and shed say it in front of people and make faces at me. And now she does it after criticizing me, I started going to the gym and getting toned and skinny and then she started working out. And when I confront her about it she literally ignores me like Im not talking to her and then it becomes like fights and it's awkward and we dnt get along and then it's like a competition between us always about who looks best and idk I just hate it and idk wat to do

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First of all, I'd like to point out that I am a twin as well. It definitely hasn't been easy. My sister and I, as most of you have already pointed out, are automatically classified as a unit, and have been from birth. Now why this is I haven't really been able to figure out. I think that relatives and family members find it easier to call siblings "twins" as to not get them mixed up, or as to not offend them. For whatever the reason, this becomes much more difficult on the twins as they actually become older and want to retain separate identities from one another. My sister and I have always been practically inseparable, and, not surprisingly, we have had many difficulties along the way. We used to fight constantly and harshly. I honestly believe that you are your own worst enemy, but with a twin, competition is inevitable. Over the years I have learned that it is better not to fuel the fire. If my twin and I are having problems, I find it best to separate and use the time to cool off and reflect. As we are adults now, the pressure to be independent individuals has become much more heated. Today we had an argument over classes; I wanted to be in a few of her classes so that we could be together and because transportation was more convenient that way. However, my sister is having regrets and feels that I am too reliant on her. I feel that the competition for attention in classes, the loss of being an individual, to her, poses the biggest problem for us. I don't think it hurts me so much that she wants to change classes, but that she puts her feelings before mine, and that she doesn't even care how I feel. It hurts me that she finds me inadequate and tears me down in order to make herself feel better. In response to the above comments, I feel that many of you take out your anger on your twin. Know that it is not only their fault, but it's yours for disregarding their feelings and taking only yours into consideration. Should your twin be their own person? Yes. Should your twin give you space when needed or when you're upset? Absolutely. But should your twin leave your life completely simply because you're angry? Of course not. It's completely ridiculous that many of you would hurt your twin because of a boyfriend or a few friends that you barely even know. This is your sister. She is your flesh and blood. Your sister is a person, just like you. I think the best thing to do if your sister is copying you is to actually not say anything. Let her copy you in all that you do, no matter how much it bothers you. This, in turn, will show her that she wants to be an individual, wants to be different, and will eventually pursue her own path. If she does not, then I would have a talk with your parents about your sister and she might have to have a reality check. Most of you might not realize this, but it's much more difficult for the twin than it seems. Not only is she losing your trust, but she feels that you don't have faith in her to accomplish her dreams. I think the best thing to do is to talk to her at this point, tell her that she has potential, and that she doesn't always have to ask for your approval. Many times it has to do with self-esteem and inadequacy issues. Twins are very complex and have many different reasons for their actions, so it's important that you think about the consequences rather than the ultimate gains of your decisions. In the end, when all else fails, you need to remember that one of you is going to have to give up something if you aren't willing to reach a sensible position; and it won't always be comfortable. Remember that nobody's perfect, and many times it's hard to avoid the pressures that society places on twins. We all feel that we have to measure up, which therefore increases competition. Either you compromise or you end up continuing the cycle all over again. From reading the above post, I find it kind of ridiculous that you're arguing about makeup. Really...? So what if you're sister is interested in makeup, that's natural. You both want to keep up with the latest fashions. You can always do your makeup differently, or do something in order to stand out. Just remember that the more you push your sister away, the more she is likely to continue her behavior. Degrading or putting her down will not make her feel better. If you treat her with respect, she'll do the same. And, eventually, she will see that what she has been doing is wrong. In the end, sometimes it's about sacrificing what you want for your twin, and if that's what it means, then that's how it's going to have to be. We all have to learn to grow up sometime, and that means taking the high road.

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