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  1. Thank you so much everyone for replying, I really appreciate all the effort everyone has put in their writing, and for the insights everyone has given me. For the time being, I need to think very hard about what everyone has said here and try to embed all of your words into my life as I strive to become a better and more understanding person. I still appreciate any more insights of course for those who still want to add something though. Again, thank you all so much.
  2. I don't know really what to feel or think about this but you don't have to read this but it's sorta connected to how i am feeling https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_mind The theory of mind is about 'putting yourself in other people's shoes' and trying to see how other people see the world from their perspective. Now for children , theory of mind should sorta start to develop around 2,5 to 4 years old. But i feel that for myself i've been very disconnected for far too many years. And having far too little understanding of how others feel, act or think. In fact i am ash
  3. Yeah, you should tell your friend to confess to him that she likes him before someone else steals him away.
  4. Confess, just say to him, you don't have to answer now, but do you maybe want to go out with me sometime? And from there you can try to progress your love life more proliferate with him.
  5. Thank you for taking the time and consideration as well as proposing a multi viewed time perspective that I hadn't even taken in aspect as I was so consumed by the question that it prevented me from looking at it from a eagle bird's view perspective over the different angles that you proposed , as well as thank you for the thoughts you expressed that made me expand my own personal perspective on this question. Indeed if the woman were the hunters and men the gatherers it might indeed have ended up in a opposite gender situation but with a similar outcome. It makes you wonder if some outcome
  6. Danzee, Depressed is a big word, it's more a feeling of unhappiness as a result of disconnection with nature, but like keyman and you said, i definitely need to get out more.
  7. Keyman I think you make a few interesting and very valid key points, i myself live in a rather large town, and i don't hate it or feel suffocated, but me and my wife do tend to be housemouses , we don't go out often, and maybe looking searching for some nature like you did and walking more often through nature would indeed make me feel more connected and part of nature, and i think you are completely right in that , especially in Western societies, the individualism is highly looked up against. The one who breaks free from the crowd, the one who establishes their own empire and manages to clim
  8. As long as I can remember, i've never ever felt that I was a part of nature. I have no connection with nature whatsoever, and i completely feel disconnected from nature. It's a bit of a strange feeling, but as a guy i never felt part of nature. Because to me men , especially men of the past, personify the destruction of nature, the mechanisers of society , the starters of war, and conflict, and builders who would destroy anything, including others and nature in order to put their own systems and rules in place on top of nature or other societies and whatever previously existed. In this con
  9. My question would be, what part of him being 12 years older are you ok with? Another question would be, why are you ok with those pictures of him with another lady? In which culture do you call your cousin your sister? Probably not a very advanced culture that is. ] Let's raise that shining red flag, and press the abort button. ] Let's requote your own words. "I've been the side chick, the girl just used to waste time with etc. I've had no luck anywhere. " Things never happen for no reason, there's a reason this is happening. A reason that is much deeper then that you hav
  10. I think you should hit off with him and date him. Just do it a bit slow, and build it up slowly. See if things work out.
  11. In my honest of honest opinions i don't think you two should be together. From the very beginning you two have been fighting and having arguments. These arguments and fights have only increased over time. What that comes down to is that even though you two see some positive points in each other, you two are completely incompatible on a deeper level. If that were not true, then why would you two be fighting every day, and would it ever stop? I think it would only stop once you two murdered each other. But instead you two did the right thing and decided to separate. It's completely understan
  12. When you start a relationship it's always important to deeply question the character of a person, and on whether you would want to be in a marriage with this type of person for many years to come. In this case the answer is a clear no. I'm not saying pro-or negative against abortion, but basically because of all these actions one person already died. It just shows what kind of detrimental effect this guy has on your life. In other words he's bad news for your life. Find another nice guy who builds your life up rather then destroys it. A guy with a good character and a future.
  13. I think that in the end, what is most important is that he 'chose for you' ,he chose to marry you because he loves you. He chose to be committed to you, and not someone else. After that, you need to let it go. Because you can only control yourself not someone else. When you are on the bus, you also don't grab the bus drivers steering wheel, you trust the bus driver to bring you from point A to point B. If you start grabbing the bus drivers steering wheel out of insecurity reasons, the bus will crash. in these kind of cases as long as the bus is going into a positive direction where you want t
  14. Well i think this is salvageable, the most important thing is that you ask him. What is the real problem, what is bothering you so much? He most likely will say what is bothering him, and once you know what is really bothering him, you will know if you are able to do something about it.
  15. I think you stand a chance if all the problems that lead to your initially break up are out of the way. It's like this, if you never shoot you always miss. However, the moment a girl is free, other guys might have focused their arrows on her, if you want her back, you'd need to remove the competition out of her mind and make sure other guys can't make a move on her. Also show a better you then you were yesterday, so to speak, and improved version of who you used to be.
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