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Is this a "Lets just be friends"?


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Dated this girl, made out a few times, got this text, 4 days after the last time iv'e seen her.


"I just wanted you to know so that you didnt get the wrong end of the stick. I like you a lot and your a lovely guy but ATM im not looking for a relationship. I'm being selfish and concentrating on mself for a bit. ATM my career comes first and I dont even know if I'll be in the country anymore come christmas.

I hope this wont ruin our friendship, Im sorry if this has upset you, please let me know how you feel."


Doesnt bother me if it is a LJBF, I'm just finding what she's trying to tell me confusing.

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Yeah , the friendship thing. Got that last week from a girl I dated , who I moved too fast into relationship territory. Haven't talked to her since , and I'm fine with that. It was fun while it lasted. I've moved on. We only dated for a little less than two weeks , but had a couple heavy make-out sessions and I almost slept over at her place.


Personally , I think it's rather cowardly to express those concerns via text message , however honest this girl was. At least a phone call will do. That's a deal-breaker for me with women/girls.

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Forgot to mention that I didnt even ask for a relationship with her lol


She seems to think you're way more into her than she is with you.


What makes you think that?


Throughout, we'd both been initiating as much as each other.

Its been 3 weeks since i've had that text off her. I've moved on and pretty much forgotten bout her.

She's always phoning me on the weekend to come see her when im drinking in her town or to come to the club she's at (5 or 6 missed calls b4 i realise shes ringing me lol) . last friday she rang and rang me for a lift home when she finnished work (I was out drinking with friends, so couldnt, but wouldnt have anyways) and she's definatly hovering on my FB profile cos she replies to a lot of my wall messages.


THAT kinda behaviour is confusing me.

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Im not sure either.


There was an occasion this weekend where she had known since wensday i'd be in town, partying with friends on Saturday. She sent me a msg on FB asking where I would be that saturday night (I didnt know at the time, was an unplaned outing! I told her I didnt know). she tried for most of saturday night when we were out to get a hold of me, finally did around 10pm and pretty much begged me to come over to the club she was at.

Had a good time, we both got really drunk. She lead me by the hand wherever she went. Was grinding up against me on the dancefloor, really close face to face etc


...then snogged some random guy infront of me while I was talking to her sister


...that confused me too, twice -- she's not the type of girl that will deliberatly piss off somebody to get a reaction.


...if she wanted "just friends" why's she doing all that with me at the club

...if she snogged a random cos maybe i wasn't making a move... why would I if she's told me she wants "just friends"?


I can put the club down to booze, but the rest I need a womans brain to work out lol.

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Too funny! There is one way to find out if you really wanna know...wait for it...how about asking her?? Not texting, not FB, not even phone, and definitely not when you're tanked! Face to face. Say, this is what you said, this is what you did, I don't understand what you want. Who knows, maybe she doesn't either, but most women would appreciate you asking. Now, if you're beyond all that and don't care anymore, don't waste your time...just chalk it up to another bizarre experience to add to your collection. God knows, we all have em!

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