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why can't I get an interview???

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The economy is bad, that's why. I've been out of work a long time, have tons of experience, and an education and often go months without an interview. I've had my resume polished up, even attended various seminars on how to find a job and nothing. There are people who have been unemployed for years.

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I've been out of work for two months and have been applying to hundereds o jobs online. I'm not getting any calls or interviews??? anyone have any idea why or how to get over this??? I've fixed up my resume.




Review your resume. I have heard that the objective sentence is now outmoded. Does your resume also really reflect your experiences and also are you tailoring your strong points to the job you are applying for? When I applied for administrative assistant jobs, I made sure to mention software I used and training I had when I was listing customer service and project management jobs and when I was applying for managerial, I focused on problem solving skills and situations where my leadership skills were used at those very same jobs.


Also, are you just applying to random jobs or ones you are qualified for?


In this day and age, online is nice, but to get further attention, mail or fax your resume in. If its retail or working in a public place, hand deliver it. And it doesn't hurt to join toastmasters or the rotary or someplace where you will meet potential contacts. Also, think of people you know who work different places or who know people who do and can put a good word in. Sometimes its about WHO you know.


Also consider taking a class, etc, to polish your skills in your field.

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If you're just applying online, you need to call a day or two later if you want any chance at a job.


I used to call companies to confirm what their fax number is. I would say, "my name is Janie Sue Doe and I am just calling to confrm your fax number. " they give it. "Thank you so much. Oh, and by the way. I am sending in a resume, to whose attention should I send it too?" This way, you have a number and a name. Then call back several hours later . "Hi, this is Janie Sue Doe and i am just confirming that my fax went through." I have even stretched the truth and mentioned the first time that my fax was acting up and I would call to confirm later that it went through, etc. You never know, when you call back, they could just put you through to the correct person or at least when the fax came in the receptionist would think, "hmmm... Janie Sue Doe seems nice.."


If you drop a resume off in person ever, DRESS UP.

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What types of jobs are you applying for? What field are you in?


I know that certain sectors have really BEEN hit by the economy.


I graduated from college 1.5 years ago. I found a job within a month of graduating. Did that for 9 months, than took two months off, did job searching again and found a job after going on several interviews a month later.


Roughly due to my estimates it takes me a month to find a job/career.


Both jobs have paid me well, offered great benefits and so on.


so what is the catch:


My resume. I ONLY apply for jobs in my field and that I have direct experience in.

I had a GREAT GPA.

Went to a good college.

I live in Chicago.

Great internship and skills that I took with me.

And I took several interviewing courses when I was in college that helped prepare me outside of college.


If I were you I'd try to hire someone to redo your resume. Target jobs that you specifically have experience in.

If you have any awards, or "honors" highlight that on your resume.

Take some seminars on interviewing. Also try just lookin in your local yellow pages and just start calling random companies that you're interested in to see if their hiring.


GOOD luck

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Sending resumes out online is like blowing them into one big e-hole of nothingness.


The only way I've ever landed in front of any decision-makers during a recession was to spend each day devoted to putting on the interview costume and physically applying at agencies on foot. I'd target one each day. Didn't matter how far away--some of the farthest ones landed me the closest jobs to my home.


Agencies require a ton of patience, paper work, skills testing (which can be redone later to improve scores) and a willingness to look past the warning that there is nothing available. That's irrelevant. The first job that comes in a week, a day or an hour later will have you already tested and screened, and THAT is the way to get yourself on deck for the next job. Which, incidentally, is likely to be disguised as a temp job just to get a candidate in the door and observe his/her people skills, work ethic, potential skill level, and all that BEFORE considering anyone as radar-material for a full time position. (If you believe that this practice is reserved only for entry level jobs, don't kid yourself. The idea is to get inside companies to apply for best jobs from within.)


There are hundreds of e-resumes floating around that will never be called because the ambitious people cut in front of the line--in person.


Fingers crossed for you.

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