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Just need to vent....


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I don't know what it is with this girl.. honestly sometimes she is really pissing me off because it feels like she doesn't want to put anything into this relationship. It's always me who has to ask her if she wants to hang out and it's always me who seems to wants this relationship to be something more.


When someone is in a relationship and they have nothing to do, wouldn't you try talking to your bf and ask if they wanna hang out? Apparently not for her. She just sits at home and watches movies and sleeps. I just feel like I am in this relationship for only when she is completely bored and has no one else to talk to. Before we dated, we use to talk all the time and we would talk til 3 in the morning. But now I'm lucky if I get a text from her just wondering if I wanted to do something. It seems like I have to plan something maybe a week ahead and then she'll end up forgetting about it and plan something else.... this girl is nuts and I don't understand what goes through her head.


And another thing that really bothers me about her is when I ask her if she wants to do something, all she says is sure... REALLY?? sure?? If someone asks you if you wanna go catch a movie after not hearing from them all day and all you get is a sure, doesn't that sound like she doesn't want to go?? I might be a little out of line but it's not just today that she says sure.... it's for everything. She never seems to care about anything that we do or anything that I plan for us. She is so emotionally locked up that I can't stand it. I want this to work and I want to find the key to her emotions and just show some sign that she is putting some sort of effort into this relationship but she's like a rukics....

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yea i knwo you want things to work out. but she doesnt seem interested. i was going to suggest take a break from it and see if she comes to you. but it sounds kiddish. so my suggestion is ask her is there anything bothering you? would you like to talk about it?

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Hey there,


I tend to agree with you on most of the things you mentioned on a personal level. For example, if I'm bored...of course I'd wanna contact my significant other and see what they were up to.


However, I don't think it's fair to be mad at her or speak as if she has done anything wrong per se. Everyone is different, and if her idea of a relationship is different from yours, it's just that - a difference.


Now...has it been this way since the beginning of your relationship? Or was this a recent development? How long have y'all been together?

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