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Where is the BEST place to meet people?


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I took a few years off from dating to get my life together but I did realize quickly that getting back into the game is harder than how hollywood portrays it...lol...I've tried the grocery stores,friends, blind dates, gym, work, school, online, clubs/bars, traveling, library(lol) the bank etc....lol...I wouldn't even consider myself too picky and I love all ethnicities of men.


Or maybe I'm just too shy sometimes. I don't know?


Where is the best place to meet people?

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Well luckily you have a few options,


First you can always go out to public gathering and meet people that way. Places like book stores, parks, coffee shop, parks, beach etc. Bars and Dance clubs are great but those usually attract specific crowds and sometimes don't provide the best environments to get to know people the best.


Second choice, is link removed which is a site that caters to people who share same interests and that meet up to hang out in groups and get to know each other.


Third is online dating sites which have different people looking for different things. Some are looking for a pen pals and others are looking for marriage and all interests in-between.


Anyways, hope that helps.

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Instead of focusing on "pick up" places - just do things that expand your network of people/circle of friends. As people get to know you and don't just have that 2 minute window of opportunity for a chance meeting, you relax and are yourself and are more likely to meet someone. Also, the new aquaintances and friends might really like you and have a brother, college roommate, or buddy to introduce you too. Try looking for groups on link removed that dine out at different restaurants, or are based on an interest you have. Also, volunteering is a great way to expand your network of people.


I always heard go to a coffee shop, etc, but its hard to approach someone just sitting there unless there is some sort of weekly event where you have a good chance at seeing the same people at more than once. You are better off getting involved in an activity where you can see someone in action, so to speak.

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A recent Stanford study found that one in five new relationships began through online dating. I haven't reviewed the methodology but it's a pretty striking finding. And from my own experience: say what you will, but online dating is a pretty efficient way to meet single people who are also looking for a relationship. (And this is exactly what I find most difficult in the 'real life' venues mentioned above: usually the most interesting men I meet are already taken! )


Good luck in your search!


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