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Do guys like a birthday surprise like this?


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I wanted to surprise my bf on his birthday which is also the first birthday we celebrate together. I've already started doing so but now I kind of hesitate to carry on as I wondered if guys liked a surprise like this.


My original plan was to tell him I'd be abroad for 4 weeks and would miss his birthday as a result (I did this part already). He missed my birthday earlier this year because he was in a business trip and now I am indeed visiting my family abroad. But I'll only be abroad for 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks and I'll be back home two days before his birthday. I planned to rest for a day at home and go to his place the night before his birthday to surprise him. I've already told his roommate and she thought it was sweet and probably will let me in if she's home before him. And I planned to wear something sexy and wait for him in his bed. He said he didn't celebrate birthday so he probably will just go back home that day (which is a Friday) after work or maybe after a couple of drinks as a Friday routine.


He has no problem of me staying in his place without him and he's calling/texting me everyday talking about how he misses me. But I'm still wondering if guys really like this kind of thing...I can always call once I'm back home and simply say "surprise!" on phone and then go to his place after this phone call.


Any thoughts? Thanks!

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It could be a problem if he changes his mind and decides to celebrate his birthday with friends anyway.




Just remember that he doesn't know you'll be there, and may not go immediately home. If this happens, you can't get mad at him!

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