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More Roommate Problems


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I'm back again with more issues with my roommate. I posted before that I'm uncomfortable with his sexual habits at the apartment, and too intimidated to confront him.


My lease runs through the end of August, and I am moving to my mother's after. She was pressuring my to move a month early for some dog sitting she needs me to do for 2 weeks in august (needs to be at her place). I wasn't cool with her pressuring me, but after I thought about it, moving early didn't seem like a bad idea since I can't stand my roommate.


So I checked in with him, and let him know that my plans had changed and I was looking to move out a month early (this would give him a month in advance notice). He approved, I left a message with the landlord to see if this would be possible.


The next day, he changed his mind.. He confronted me and said that I didn't ask him, but told him that I wanted to move early. That this arrangement only benefits me and not him, that I made a contractual agreement when I signed the lease. And that we had verbally agreed to live together until August. In other words, he wants me to stay until August.


He is not on the lease, he has paid the rent late for the past 4 months we have lived together, he argued with me about the last electric bill and never paid it. And here I am, afraid to ever confront this guy because he is so argumentative.

I do not feel comfortable leaving him alone in the apartment for a month, as he is not on the lease and I don't trust him obviously.


The landlord got back to me and approved the move out and asked when she can show the apartment. Which I'm sure he'll make a big deal out of too.


I'm so stressed! Any advice?

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