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So to fill everyone in, I initially started dating this girl about 2 years ago.


we dated for 1 year and 3 months before we broke up. She had cheated on me and we tried to make it work out, and we just couldn't.


About 3 months later, we ended up reconciling and dated for another solid 6 months. During this time, both of us have turned 21 and I also should have mentioned that we have live 1.5 hours apart.


She always was very controlling of me as she feared I was going to cheat on her. I couldn't do even the simplest things (go to the bar for a few beers with my sister) without her giving me a cold shoulder and a nice ass chewing.


I was really starting to get fed up with it and it was putting a lot of stress on our relationship. Last weekend was kind of a last straw.


We go back to my home town for a local celebration and she had commented how I had been treating her like * * * * the last week (she always got really upset if I didn't call her ALL THE TIME.) We talked about it and we couldn't seem to agree on anything. so needless to say, the weekend was off to a rough start.


We partake in some festivities where we both managed to get somewhat drunk(she may have been quite a bit drunk). Things are actually going well, we're being very affectionate towards each other and we both seemed to be having a good time.


After the festivities, we go to the bar with my family and to meet up with some old friends. The bars are packed(it's a small town and the two bars are accross from each other on a 2 lane street. I'm meeting and greeting people and everything is going fine. At some point, my uncle who I havn't seen for quite some time runs into me and asks if I want to check out the other bar.


Now at this point, I should have told him sure, I'm just going to go tell my girlfriend, and then met up with him but the bar was packed, we were right by the door and I really didn't think I would be gone that long. Plus she is a very social person and was hanging out with my friends who get along with her pretty well.


So I go accross the street and about 15 minutes later as I'm just finishing my beer and about to head back to the other bar, my friends and girlfriend show up and she is bawling.


I felt bad and I knew I should have told her, but I figured she probably assumed I was off "cheating" on her(she gets crazy ideas like that).

I asked her to come outside with me so I could explain everything and I also apologized for leaving without telling her.


She wouldn't let it go. She just kept screaming at the top of her lungs at me and making a bigger deal out of it then it really was. At this point the police walk up because I assume they think there is some domestic violence going on.


While I'm explaining to the police officer that she is just upset, my mother walks over. After a little bit of chatting, the police officer leaves and my mother asks my girlfriend whats the problem. At this point my very upset girlfriend proceeds to disrespect my mother (telling her to ****off and just being very snotty to her).


My mother is a very sweet lady, but she had had enough of this child. She tries to calm her down and fails. My friends take my girlfriend home while I talked to my mother about what happened. We both figured maybe if we gave her some time to cool off, she would be ok.


During this time, she calls me from my home phone and asks me if I am having sex with any girls in a very pissed off voice. I eventually leave the bar with my parents and we arrive at our house.


We arrive and she explains that she called her mom to come pick her up(her mom was half hour away). I'm just very upset over everything and I decided to just goto bed and deal with it all in the morning.


My girlfriend gets upset, runs up to my room and tries to lay in bed with me so we can "talk". She does this a lot and most of the time she just starts confrontation. I asked her politely to leave me alone and she just keeps bugging me insisting that we talk now.


My mother comes up and explains to her that she doesn't think it's the best time to talk about things and maybe we should all just wait till we are sober. My girlfriend again starts treating my mother like * * * * , and the two of them get into an pretty big argument.


Her mother picks her up and takes her home. At this point we are broken up.


I do love this girl a lot as although I only pointed out many of her bad qualities in this post, there is so many little things that I love about her. I don't think my mother will ever accept her, and this is a big problem with me.


I feel like it's time to close the book on this one for good, but I always get very depressed when I'm without her.

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The minute a guy I'm dating disrespects my mother or father is when I tell them to go take a hike.


your girlfriend sounds crazy, no offense here. She must be super paranoid if you couldn't even go to another bar close by to hang out with some people. If i was in her place, I would have just asked for a quick call saying you were gone and will be back soon. But she definitely overreacted and crossed the line when she attacked your mom. Not cool at all.

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I understand, when you love someone, it's really hard to let them go because you always hope that this will be the moment that they will realize what they are doing and change for the better. I don't want to tell you what to do here, but I just hope whatever you decide in the end, you are happy with your choice.

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