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I'm so scared I might be pregnant


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I don't recall having my period since late April. I remember right when it ended, my now EX-boyfriend and I had sex, and we didn't use a condom. He withdrew, but that has a history of not working. We broke up about a week and a half later, and I don't recall having my period since.


I know I should write it down, but I don't. It could just be an irregular period, because that happens from time to time, but I'm really scared. I'm going to go buy a test tomorrow and see what it says. I'm almost an entire month late, so I don't think I should worry about testing too early.


I'm showing no signs at all right now, but of course it's too early to tell. Although I did have a strange craving for pulp orange juice about a month ago and I really despised any orange juice without pulp. That could be a sign, OR that could just be one of the random binges I go through before I get my period. I also feel occasional pulls in my ovaries, but no period! I remember feeling what I thought was an ovulation pull in my ovaries about a week or 2 before June 4th, and I know this because I remember thinking to myself "D***! I might have my period for prom 2 years in a row!" But no period. I've been feeling similar pulls on other random occasions too.


My parents don't know. The only people that know are my older sister, my friend Carly, and my other friend Rachael.


I've had pregnancy scares before, and that usually turned out to be me just being the hypochondriac that I am. I'm trying really hard to stay calm about the situation because putting too much stress on the body can also lead to a delayed period.





I'm asking for the advice, people.


What should I do if it's positive? I don't want the baby, and I certainly don't want my parents to know of its existence.


Should I tell my ex? If I'm getting rid of it, should I even bother telling him? It's not like he was some abusive drunk. We broke up because he didn't feel the same for me anymore.

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If you are pregnant, then yes I suggest that you tell your ex-bf.


Whether you decide to keep it or not, it's really your decision. However, I still think he has a right to know that he fathered your child.


If you do decide to terminate the pregnancy, then I think it's best that you discuss things with him as well, for whatever reason, emotional support, financial support etc.

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Hi there, I'm afraid it does sound likely that you are. Ovary pulls and strains are a definite sign of early pregnancy. Are your breasts larger than normal and sore?


Do a test to put your mind at rest. You don't have to keep the child, you are very young but I would let your ex know as I think he has a right to know yes. Maybe you should tell your parents for emotional support as this could be an upsetting time for you.

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