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Unique/sweet things to say


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What are some good compliments and/or greetings I could give to girl that don't necessarily involve how she looks, but more that I really like who she is? I'm looking for things someone might not hear a lot, but that won't get a laugh as a response when I say it.


Or are they only interested in getting compliments on their looks? I'm sure this girl gets told she's pretty a thousand times a day so I wanted to be original. We've known each other for about 2 months now.

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If you're looking for unique things to say, they really need to come from you. And be based on how you see her as a person - that really will be unique.


I'm very much in favour of pet names in relationships, but they take a long time to arise because they 'grow' organically with the relationship itself. Other, generic, terms of endearment, like 'Sweets' and 'Honey' make me want to puke!

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so I wanted to be original.


Then be original. Don't pick up lines from ENA. That won't be original at all. Give her a honest compliment which you will actually mean it.


Saw a movie where the girl wanted a compliment from the guy. The guy struggled for a while and then said to the girl 'you make me want to be a better man'. Even though it was nothing about the girl, it was still all about the girl. So find your own original line. We don't know your girl. How can we give something original/honest compliment about your girl?

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Just think about the things that she does that make your heart flutter. I used to love it when she would call me when she got home from my place, just so I would know she was ok, I loved it when she could tell I'd had a rough day and would massage my shoulders, I loved the way she got excited about trivial things but that were important to her, I loved how into lame songs she would get when she sung them in the car, and I loved how she would also ask everyone "whats wrong" as soon as they seemed upset because she really cared and was emphatic. Those things also made me smile a little bit, next time she does something and you can't help but smile just tell her you like it when she does that.

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