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  1. I have a very difficult time seeing images in my mind. If I think of my mother's face it's just kind of a vague approximation with little detail. There are people who cannot see any images in their mind whatsoever. The condition is called "aphantasia", you may be interested in looking it up.
  2. I can say that I'm incredibly unconfident and just as awkward as you're describing this guy regarding the end of evening kiss. I need some pretty clear signs before I really feel comfortable about it. That said, I'm very active about scheduling more dates. If I had a month that was so slammed that I couldn't make a date fit, I'd still actively communicate and clearly let her know I wanted to schedule it when possible.
  3. One thing I've learned over time, after repeated disappointments, is that people tend to value and focus on certain things and assume everyone else focuses on the same things so ignoring those things feels like a slight. The reality is that other people might not even think of what you're feeling you're missing. I've done this repeatedly where I felt ignored, marginalized, or devalued because of something that I would never do yo someone else but they did to me. I would later find that what I expected and would be normal behavior for me is actually the exception not the rule. Take a step
  4. Hey, thank you everyone for your insight, analysis, reassurances, and critiques. The date went forward on Friday as planned.
  5. I did not anticipate this many responses, I figured one or two would weigh in with a quick "stop being ridiculous". Anyway, thanks for all this. Just a little explanation - I've been single for a pretty long time, I've been on a ton of dates in that time, and have been rejected, cancelled on, ghosted, curbed, etc. by all but a small handful of those dates. I do overthink and jump to a negative conclusion too quickly, but its coming from years and years of precedent. Maybe it'll be different this time.
  6. Admittedly I'm overthinking this, but I feel like I'll relax a bit if I write it out and have the outlet. A little background first: A woman and I met on an app, chatted for a bit, I asked her to coffee and we met at local place, talked for a few hours, then went our separate ways. We did both say we'd like to go out again. I sent her a follow-up message with my number and she texted me the next day. We texted a little bit but mostly just scheduling a second date which was dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. We had a good time on the second date, laughing, commonalities, etc. After the dat
  7. Thanks for the response Vesper, you may be right. She ended up texting again today but no mention or acknowledgement of my text from yesterday. I don't know exactly what that means but I'm going with your theory and will just back off a bit, let her dictate the pace of things for now, and see where we're at this weekend or next week.
  8. I guess this is probably pretty standard, I'm just not experienced with hookup culture enough to know it. I'm feeling a little confused though, so I thought I'd check in on here. I matched with a girl on tinder, we had a good conversation, went out the next night, she invited me back to her place, we hooked up, I stayed the night, and then hung around for a bit of the morning, leaving with a pretty passionate kiss. If that had been it and I'd reached out later and she didn't respond, I'd get it. However, I got home and she texted me shortly after to see if I got home alright. We chatted
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