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am a bit worried a.t.m. about having an allergy to guave

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Thank you and am glad someone I see here often arrived to reply ! I just googled the ingredients of juices I recently drunk and where I thought to remember it possibly contains guave too see then I'd feel a bit less worried thanks to the reason you just mentioned as well.

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try not to over think it... you may not have a reaction at all! if it's not severe, no worries i'd try to have some benadryl on hand for situations like this.



What is that product (?)

Btw I went to an apointment with an allergologist again last week and I will return next week.

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I'm happy that you're feeling better.





Just a bit less worried there about 2 hours after I drunk it has passed by and the fact that I found out I drunk mixed fruit juices of another brand several times recently too and that those contain guave too. And I pretty sure drunk way more at once. Now about 250 ml or less.

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