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Special Holidays Without Them

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Do you guys anything special, or have a yearly tradition when it comes to days such as Mother's Day or Father's Day?


I find myself wanting to latch onto something to make this day [Mother's Day] a not so gloomy day, and more of a day to celebrate her.


I am headed to church with my Dad & sister and then will do brunch and visit the gravesite.


I started reading Motherless Daughters yesterday, and one girl commented that every Mother's Day she starts her gardening.


Just curious as to how you all make it through days like this.

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I make my dad's special souffle on father's day, and usually write or go visit his spot. Talk to him.


It does help having something special to remember them with, instead of walking around with those feelings bundled up on that day.


There are other things I do too. Each person who has passed, there is a special tradition for them. Usually several.

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I'm a mum without her little girl. So I know for my partner and I Mothers and fathers day are hard for us. But we've started getting each other a gift for each other from our little girl, and one of our son. And we go to her grave and put down flowers that she should be here and giving to us!

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