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My ex gf broke up with me last january, after having a relation of 8/9 months.

She had a bf before me with whom she lived together for almost 5 years, he was a bit like me (not having a lot of friends), but he became abusive the last months of their relationship and finally kicked her out of her house.


I was in the picture back then cause I met her on a chatsite about 2 months before, but didn't want to date her until she was single. So shortly after she was kicked out of her house she moved into her moms place, and we started dating.


As told we had a relationship for 8/9 months, and the last time I went over to her, she got a phonecall which she didn't pick up and some text messages she deleted. She told me it was an old friend who wanted to drop by, but she didn't want him too. The week after she didn't respond to my text messages one evening (it was a long distance relationship), I think she went out that evening, though she told me she didn't feel well and went too sleep.


I think it was 2 days later that she sended me some text messages she had doubts about our future together. And the day after she emailed me that she didn't want to continue. After she mailed me I checked her facebook account and msn, and there was a new guy, not even pretty or something. But anyways she has an affair/relationship with him for about 4 months now, and she is going on holiday with him this july. He is the opposite of me and the guy she had before me.


So I'm curious who is the rebound guy? Me or the new guy? Or was it gigs that drove us apart. We never had any argue and all was perfect, we even talked about having kids together.


I'm moving on and I'm healing from this whole situation.. but I'm wondering if I was just the rebound guy or not..it won't help me dealing with the situation but it may help me analyze everything.

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You are the rebound and so is this next guy. This women is not in an emotionally healthy place...she is needy and afraid to be alone so she bounces from guy to guy to guy. She will eventually dump this guy for someone else. I also have to wonder if the first guy was really abusive or she just got tired of him and dumped him for you.

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