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ok so a friend of mine told me an ex from high school added him on facebook!

i hadn't heard from this girl in a long time, on the count of she moved out of state!


so i was curious to see how she was doing and how her life was,

i added her on facebook,

she said she misses me and asked me for me cell number....


this is when it gets awkward!

we dated for only one or two months tops!!!


and we were like 14 i guess,


turns out she is married, and they seem super happy... all her pictures on facebook are with this guy.


so she starts texting me, and one of the first things she says is "ill divorce him to be with you"

because i had told her that i saw on facebook that she was now married.

lol i was kinda shocked and ignored that, i moved around it and just kept making chit chat,


anyways it seems like she is still deeply in love with me and keeps calling me and texting me.

she even posted on facebook that her heart was still mine =S!


i find it very strange, we dated for soo short of a time,

can you be in love with some one that much after so many years?

and in so little time too.


i feel kinda bad like im destroying her marriage just by talking to her,

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yeaaah but i don't wanna be an ass, i mean i haven't said anything about it, i might just be making a big fuss over nothing, i may just be miss interpeting everything and it doesnt bother it just seems so weird and wrong,


lol i kinda wanna keep talkng to her because me ego was really down! but thats just wrong too

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yeah... don't continue contact because it makes you feel better... it's kind of like leading her along. I think its hard to misinterpret, "i will leave my husband for you"


whether she truly still loves you or not, she is looking for an out. you can say you enjoy talking to her but that nothing will happen. just be honest.

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Trust me, regardless of what she says, she will not actually get a divorce to be with you. It's simply not worth the trouble. If you don't believe me, you can try your best to try and get her to get that divorce, but all you will get is delays and excuses for pretty much forever.


All that's happening right now is her playing games with two men, one of which is her legally married husband. I strongly suggest you tell her to straighten up her morals and stop talking to her.

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for those of you who might care, a while ago i was always on the rebound and reverse psychology thread!


i just got back with my ex (not her)

she was on the rebound,


turns out this other ex (the one married)

met this guy after her ex boyfriend and her broke up, they got married at 3 weeks!

they have only been together for 3 months.

( i asked her)


sounds like the whole rebound theory/curse.





another funny awkward thing.

that morning, my girl was going thru a box of love cards i have from every ex i've had.

she read one from this ex, and she clearly read out loud "i will love you forever"

then she said something funny about forever and laughed,


it was like she summoned her

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