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its been 5 months since he left me out of the blue for a 16 year old girl.

I got a text last week saying she is pregnant and they are moving in together.

I doubt she is pregnant but i think he was just trying to hurt me even more than he already has.

I questioned this, told him that he didnt like the fact the he broke my heart yet i managed to pick myself up and move on with my life, and not just move on, but have more fun than i ever had with him

but the truth is im still heartbroken.


He got over me so fast and i heard nothing for months.

these recent texts have threw me


karma...where are you?

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Karma doesn't work that way. Karma is a religious idea that comes from reincarnation not a comeuppance device. What you want is for him to suffer you want him to get "what's coming to him" and that isn't useful. As long as you sit there waiting and routing for something awful to happen to him or his girlfriend or there relationship you are just keeping him in your mind and in your heart which isn't helping you.


What he did to you was horrible and I think anyone could understand that is extremely hard to deal with but your doing it. I hate to say this but sometimes "fake it till you make it" works with picking yourself up and moving on.


And don't beat yourself up for still hurting. It takes time. You are on the right path just keep working on it and let go of the idea of "karma" and focus on yourself.


Have you thought about blocking his number? If texts can make you feel this bad then maybe you should take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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