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I'm overwhelmed with confusion, sadness, and grief.


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Greetings everyone. My name is Jesse and I'm a 24 year old male from California. I've had rough times with women and every woman I've met has always rejected me because of my penis size. I couldn't sleep all night thinking about my problem. Overall I've been very confident in my life except for this. I have a great paying carreer and I work hard everyday and I'm very motivated carreerwise. I met a women couple months ago that shared common carreer goals and interest in starting a family. We became intimiate with eachother she told me she couldn't continue with me because I wasn't measuring up to her standards.


And I've heard this before. Women have stoped undressing themselves and they've told me that real men don't have what I have. Finally two days ago I met this woman and we were al over eachother and then she commented on how unendowed I am. This really bothered me and I was angry and I decided to leave. She said I looked ridiculous. According to her a man that works out and keeps his body healthy looks ridiculous if he doesn't have a big penis to match his muscular body.


I'm worried now. What are womens standard? My penis is 5 inches and about 4.5 inches circumfrence. I can't change this. I started looking for answers and I think it's something I can't escape because I found an article about how penis size separate the "Men from the boys." Does that mean Men are judged by their penis and not by their actions in life? I really am having a hard time right now thinking about all this. I was raised by a single parent. My mom taught me the value of hardwork and being a decent person. She taught me to respect people and stand up for what's right. And she taught me to treat my partner with love and respect.


And now I'm in lost trying to understand all this. And so I wanted to ask kindly if anyone can help me make sense of this. Thank you for reading and your time.


Best regards,


Jesse from Cali.

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Nothing will take the starch out of your erection like hearing comments like that and just having that apprehension in your head.


But 5"-6" is about the average I believe, and I have heard many women comment that it is not so much the size but how you use it.


If you can maintain a good erection and have 5" and use it well this should be enough.


I have heard that almost 50% of men have ED issues stemming from anxiety. Hence all the ED drugs and advertising out these days, so know that you are not alone with problems in the bedroom.


Have you not looked into male enhancement?


PS. You can do a lot to stimulate your partner with your hands before penetration also.


edit: Also, and this might sound a bit funky, but as a last resort, if you find no other means, instead of feeling overwhelmed. What about dating petite women?



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Are you sure it is your penis size and not the fact that you are not doing well in bed? 5 inches is fine to please a woman thoroughly. Start acting like a bad ass in bed.


Many times we would get undressed and then some would giggle and say I wasn't big enough. One woman just said sorry. And one strange time a woman said she didn't like to be judge by her body and then she said she only dates men with 8+ inches.

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5 inches is very average. All I can say is that these women have very unrealistic expectations of what an average man looks like. If they're dumping you over that, then honestly you're better off anyway.


I know one day I will find my wife, and even if it takes 80 years, I'm not a quitter. And there isn't anything more important to me then to sexually satisfy my partner.

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Many times we would get undressed and then some would giggle and say I wasn't big enough. One woman just said sorry. And one strange time a woman said she didn't like to be judge by her body and then she said she only dates men with 8+ inches.


I can understand how this would be a bit embarrassing, but at the same time you should be relieved. If these women are that superficial in that area it is almost guaranteed they are superficial in other even more important areas. You're better off without them.


It won't take you 80 years to find someone. It's likely you've just hit an unlucky streak of meeting superficial people.

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these women sound awful!!! yes, 5 inches is average. personally, i would prefer to date a man who is smaller rather than larger. but that aside, i date the man for who he is, not for an appendage whose size he can't control! you sound like a good guy who will make a great husband for some lucky girl. a woman who is worthy of you won't judge you on down there.


i recommend you might want to spend a longer time getting to know these women and making a connection with them in public before taking things to the bedroom. i've seen small men and i have NEVER giggled at them, sheesh! i mean, that is just awful.

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I posted a thread out this (size) i think if it dont fit in your mouth its a waste LMFAO, sericly! I think these women are F"N igroint! Some one told me that its not really about the lenght its about the width, so i think that the width you said it is is perfect! F these girls u will find the 1 for you who doesnt care about this and love you for who u are good luck!

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