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should i text my ex


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My ex and i have been together for 3 years..

he broke it off with me two weeks ago. Apparently he was into another girl? his friend said that was a lie.

Told me to get out of his life and told me to **** off among other things. I started bawling he was being so cold. The next day it took me some time but i just ignored him kept myself busy.

Its still a little hard but i am getting there. I feel happier without him and now I know someone worthy is out there for me. But a friend told me he still loves me and that he only said those things because hes messed up and he felt guilty about something.


He texted me today.

"Hey brittt"

"hi" i said hi because i thought it was my friend.. but he took the phone

"How are you? Its Danny by the way"


"How are things? better without me"

"Cut to the chase. what do you want."

"You. I love you.. you may not love me anymore.

but ive never stopped loving you. You deserve better lol"

I havent replied..

what should I say? What do you think his intentions are? is he worth it? shud i ignore him?

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I dnt know.

Hes been through a lot... like a lot and he hasn't properly found a way to deal with them.

I can tell. Even if we arent together i get him and i know the way he works i suppose.

I know he will always love me and want something with me but he wont hold me back if i want otherwise..


but i am confused with my feelings.

deep down i will always love him.

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He doesn't sound worth it. I think he's just looking for sex. He'll get whatever it is he thinks he can get from you and then he'll be gone again. You don't tell someone you're sorry and love them over a text after making them cry.


He sounds like he's closer to 14 than 20-very immature and doesn't seem to know how to treat a lady.

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It's long distance.

Said the time away made him realize how much he loves me and misses me.

Said he can't explain why he dumped me like that and that there are no excuses,

that he was an * * * * * * * an he admits it.



Errrr idk

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Don't respond, he sounds like he's grasping at straws here. He left you in such a cold way, and there's a strong chance he messed up and is feeling guilty? Before that you also mentioned he left because he was into another girl... add those two things together and he doesn't sound like he's very serious about loving you. In fact, I bet he's just trying to get a rise out of you, reach out to someone he thinks will give him attention.


You did good, and I wouldn't respond if I were you.

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if he can talk to you like s/t and get off the hook with a txt...your opening the flood gates of more bad behavior from him.


I would just say, well you have a funny way of showing it and leave it like that. Make him work to be in your life

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