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Blind date with someone I already met? LOL!


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Okay, okay.... so I've decided to stop dwelling on my past and try to move on to my future, so I've hopped over from the break up forums to the dating forums.... I'm progressing - yay!


So it's been a while since I've gone on a date with someone I don't really know. I've gone on a few dates with my neighbour back in the past while still hung up on my ex but for some reason they always felt more like friendly outings rather then a prelude to a romantic investment.


That being said, my girlfriend wanted to set me up with her brother's friend and I have agreed. It's a semi blind date because I apparently met this guy at her birthday party about 2 weeks back. But we were at a lounge/club, it was dark and loud inside, I met like probably 15 people I didn't know and lastly I was pretty tipsy from the drinks. So I have NO IDEA what this guy looks like or who he is.... LOL. He however has told my friend that he thinks I'm "really hot" and that he wanted to take me out. (LOL, this could just be my friend exaggerating though


This brings me to my question.... so I agreed for her to give him my number and he has called me to confirm plans for this Saturday. We talked a bit and he really made me laugh over the phone, so it's a good sign. He said he would look at possible places to go and email me a list of things to do and I got the email today....


The choices are:

1) a ball game tomorrow afternoon and dinner afterwards

2) the zoo and dinner afterwards

3) dinner by itself

4) dinner and a movie

5) dinner and "play it by ear" (I laughed when I read this)


I think the first two options were given because that's more of who I am... he asked what I like to do on date and I told him I like to do first dates where you can talk face to face someone and really get to know them. One of my favourite dates in the past was going to a carnival for the day and then to dinner. So he seems to be listening That being said, they are really long days and that concerns me if things don't go well.....


So what is appropriate for the FIRST (semi) blind date... I think it's sweet he's trying to work around my tastes... but is it safer and better to just do a dinner thing for the first date and then do longer ones afterwards IF we get along?


I'm nervous so I'm not thinking that rationally Any advice is appreciated

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If you're worried about keeping up conversation with someone you don't know that well, either do something where you're both concentrating on whatever it is e.g. the ball game or a movie, or where your activity gives you something to talk about together while you're doing it e.g. the zoo. Of course, if any of these involve dinner afterwards, then you've already got a topic of conversation.


Personally, I'm so keen to find out more about the guy that any other planned activity would be a waste of time and money; but then I'm quite loud and extrovert. Depends on how confident you feel - but I can imagine that just dinner on its own might be a bit daunting if you hardly know the guy and aren't sure what to talk about!


Whichever you go for - have a brilliant time and let us know how it goes!

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I have an ex that did this for a first date - although, I think his list was 25 items long and had some totally ridiculous stuff on it. At any rate, it's a good sign that he's putting forth effort!


I think you had the right idea about an activity - check out the zoo - that'll give you plenty to talk about over dinner - and it won't be as stiff and formal as just meeting and ordering a meal.


Have fun! Dating is like riding a bike...

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