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I can't seem to shut my mouth when flirting...


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So there's a girl that I'm SORT of interested in, but I could grow to like more. I think this is good for me because it seems that when a guy is totally nuts about a girl it shows and turns them off, but when a guy is semi-interested, he cares a lot less. Since I don't care THAT much, I figure it's to my advantage.


Anyway, I've known this girl for a few months - she works at a place I frequent. She's a little goofy, but one of her co-workers who befriended her said that her tough-girl image is all a put-on and that she's really sweet. I found out from this girl yesterday that she came from a tiny (and I mean like a population of under 500) country town to live here in the suburbs of a huge city and has only been here about 6 months, and I'm thinking that's why she's putting on a front.


Now, what I tend to do with girls I'm somewhat attracted to is take jabs at them, or tease them. If she has a nose piercing, like this one, I'll say something like "What's that thing in your nose?", but every once in a while I'll interject with a comment like "I notice you straightened your hair this week. I really think it looks nice like that."


Sometimes, they'll tease or jab back, and we really get going at it. This one has some fixation with ribbing me for being an old man because I can't see the menu board clearly all the time. And we go back and forth - I pick on her being blonde, she picks on me for what I order, etc.


Well, the other night I was there and we were having one of those times. She was laughing so hard and it was a lot of fun, and then she mentioned where she was going to school and telling me it was a school for smart people. I told her to keep trying to convince herself that she was smart, and then made a comment about her and making friends since she moved here that was kind of out of line. I should've quit when she stopped pushing back, but this time I didn't. I mean, she was still smiling and friendly, but I think I really crossed a line and shouldn't have.


Truth is, ever since I looked up where she was from today, I find her even more intriguing, being from a small town (which from what I understand, small-town girls seem to appreciate things more). I'm afraid that I'm giving her REASON to put on that tough girl image by having a go at her like I did, and I feel bad about going overboard. Eventually, women aren't going to know whether or not my compliments are serious or not.


Maybe I'm overthinking, I don't know, but the next time I see her I kind of want to let her know that I think she's nice, I just don't want to embarrass her in front of the customers. How should I go about this?

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Do you have to talk to her in front of the customers? It sounds to me as if you can talk to her privately if you want.


Apologize if you think you must, but don't be to buttery about it, honestly i think they see that as a lack of confidence sometimes! probably such bad advice but it works for me


How old is she? sry i hope you didn't mention it before, because she's calling you old i find that amusing.

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She's gotta be about 25, 26. Last week she asked how old I was and I had her guessing almost the entire time I was there (probably about 45 minutes). Between customers she kept coming back by me asking, and I replied "Boy, you're really interested in knowing, aren't you?" I literally walked out of the place with her asking - I just winked at her and left.


I don't know how I'd talk to her privately, there are customers all over this place.

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Sup Seymore. Don't think about that too much, I use the teasing-approach too and sometimes it happens to go too far or cross the line. I'm pretty sure she has already forgotten about it. Just ask her out, chances are she is interested in you as well.

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