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its been 2 months.. am i going backwards?

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Me and my boyfriend broke up 2.5 months ago. First he said it was over then acouple of days later wanted to get back but after this being the 5 or 6th time he has done this - i decided not to take him back. It hurt me doing this but i had to put my foot down.


After we finalized everything (living together) We had nc for about 5 to 6 weeks now. He recently contacted me by email thanking me for eveything i have done for him and that he loves me etc.. i responded saying the same.

Now he sends me another email saying that he loves me and misses me... at first i didnt want to repond because it was leading me to more confusion and i was doing so well these pass couple of weeks. But after acouple of days of thinking i said replied 'I do too as well'.


Where is this all going???? Is this some kind of mind game...


going backwards!

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dont go back to him. he broke up with you and apparently you guys have broken up before. ive been there done that. i probably already know that its best to be just friends. no sex, you guys should maybe only hang out like once a week if you BOTH are ok with hanging out again. the reason why he is telling you he still loves you and all that is because he misses having you as his girl. if he got you again would anything really change?


dont get stuff in a never ending cycle with this man. being friends is best

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