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University Question's.

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Okay, I dont even know were to begin regarding attending Universtiy. I am taking my presquites in college but I dont know whether I should resume or not before even attending Universtiy. The University I found is in Los Angles. It's a film school which is what I wanted to for a very long time and now I have that opturnity to do this. I have a couple of questions.


I found out through my college that they are going to grant me my award for summer session so I'm already awareded the money. And have to fill out the fafsa application for fall semster. Here is where my coufusion is. Sense the school already knows my situation about me getting the money wont it be difficult too transfer the money to the Universtiy I want to go too. Because I have to go and pick up some forms regarding the actual school i'm giong too. I dont want to loose my aid money if I do tell them I'm planning on resuming my education in another state.


Dont I need to fill out the finacial aid first and see if I get awareded the money first then apply for the school itself?


I dont even know were to begin if I want to be there for the fall session. There to much and dont know where to begin. The thing is my GPA is low and I doubt they'll accept me with my GPA being low meaning I have to take more classes here just to keep it up then transfer. Then i'm going to miss being there by fall session and dont want to fall behind.


I'll send the link of the school maybe someone can help me figure this out cuz really I dont know were to begin. Thanks.


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I think that your best bet is to contact the admissions office, and talk to them about how to best go about the entrance. you might want to check their online resources, there is often a 'checklist.'


Oh, and normally I don't comment on this, but you're going to have to clean up your spelling and grammar for the university. Granted, i know that this is an online relationship website, I'm guilty of improper spelling and grammar on here myself, but just saying to be careful when you write emails to the staff there, and when you eventually get in and turn in papers. Don't just use the automatic spell check, make sure you have the right spellings yourself!

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Oh, CSULA, I got my bachelor's degree from there.


What will happen is that on the FAFSA enter in all the schools you think you will be attending through their appropriate school codes, including Community colleges (if you are attending one, just in case). What happened for me is that I had to pay out of pocket for the first quarter and later FAFSA will reimburse you for the quarter (as long as you are sure you will qualify). And from then on they will continue to pay for your education. Make an effort to head down to the Financial Aid office on Campus, they are knowledgeable. I used to bug them all the time to make sure the money was going to be there each quarter. Check out their website too for disbursement dates to get an idea of how and when you would receive checks and reimbursements.


And by the way, annie24 is right, be sure to clean up the spelling and grammar. It is vital, I tell my students that all the time regarding college.


Good luck!

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