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First love contacts me after 9 months of NC and wants to be friends...

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Last night he spoke to me on MSN.. something which I have been thinking about doing for ages... and it was actually really nice and I finally got my apology.



This is basically the gist of it...


Si|: i've also missed having you about

i'm sorry for the way i was, i was a * * * *

Si|: i have loads of good memories with you

Si|: i hated what i did, and you are one of the best friends i've ever had

Si|: i wanted to say Hi sooner, but i noticed i was un-friended on Facebook so thought i better leave you alone


Si|: i;ve been too scared to talk because i didn't know how you'd react

Si|: i thought about the swings the other night and i've just been thinking about you lots since that

that was one of my favourite times ever

Si|: and i missed talking and then you popped on whilst i was thinking i really wanted to talk like before

Si|: so i thought, it's what i wanted, i should man up and say Hi and sorry


Si|: i could never forget you

Si|: i've always thought of you as one of my closet friends

you probably know the most about me

Si|: and i've not trusted anyone like you

Si|: sadly i just couldn't give you what you wanted at the time


He left it saying that hopefully we would talk soon and I could text/email whenever I wanted (which I won't be doing).


I really would like to be friends again slowly and I feel like I could handle it now... but I am SO worried about falling back into the way it used to be... although he is with someone else now... which doesn't bother me at all. And I have been with someone else since which was great until it ended so I have moved on


Any thoughts? Or experiences with this?


Thanks guys,



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