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So my ex is a liar what else is new?


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I knew my ex was a liar. He recently added me onto facebook and i was surfing around and found out he became friends with a an ex girl friend of mine whom he'd talk about horribly and say tons of horrible things about her and when she and I were friends she would say things about him and how he was untrustworthy. Well no that we're not together and my girl friend is no longer my friend because she cant "trust" me...well now they are friends on facebook. It's just another lie waiting to come into the truth, but it hurts. I don't even understand why she cant trust me or why she broke the friendship off. I didn't ask her to be my counselor she would come in and try to help me with my social anxiety with out my asking and later on she says "I don't want to be your counselor anymore i want to be your friend". I never had asked her too, I asked her advice once! that was it. Either way I don't understand why I can't keep any friends, perhaps my expectations are too high, or maybe my bipolar disorder is too much for anyone to handle. I really hate being so lonely all I've ever wanted in my life was one good girl friend to talk to a best friend, and a man who feel like he is my soulmate. Thats it, but for me its too much to ask cause i keep losing my girl friends for one reason or another either they're done using me or they can't trust me because i've told them about my anxiety, bipolar manic depression and after a while they cant handle being around me anymore. As for finding a "soulmate" or someone to love and love me in return...well Ive lost alot all my faith in that. My ex lied and stole from me for six years blaming it on my disorders, and though i have a new boyfriend whom has been a near angel to me I can't help but think okay when is this all gonna end and he'll get tired of putting up with me cause I know its coming.

I feel so used and so angry, yes I have no faith in God, when my wedding was canceled six days before the date, I tore up my Bibles and cursed God.

Im sorry for doing so, but I can't feel him anymore and yes i am empty.

I have no hope for my life, and sometimes I wish I were never born.

I wasn't suppose to be any way, I was suppose to die, but mom says grandma came and prayed for me and that God saved me. I wish He hadnt, I hate Him for it. Not because I have the worst life ever, I know there are people out there who have it worse than me. No, I wish because I feel like an extra puzzle piece in this world that doesn't fit anywhere.

Should I move? perhaps its the environment of where I live. Not to run away from my problems but to see if maybe Ill fit in some place else. I don't know I want to..some day.

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For the male team....I had an ex like this.

She would bad mouth all the people she would hang about with when I wasn't there.


Made me wonder if she was doing the same about me and if what she was saying about either of us was true.

The pictures she put on her profile when we broke up and she was with them told the truth.


And then when I lied about what ingredients I put in the meal I went to a lot of effort to cook for her she would get REALLY angry at me because I didn't say with the real ingredients were at first.


I'm sick of ending up with people with double standards and lie so they can do things they know are wrong behind your back so they can get away with it while staying with you because they had it easy.

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Its not just men, women too your right im tired of meeting these girls who want to be my friend because they see me as a push over, some one to be friends with until they get what they want and then suddenly when you need them they can't be there for you or trust you anymore or whatever excuse they want to use to just not be a friend back. And they just lie and lie with no remorse or thought of how that other person feels about the lie.

Im not saying I don't lie Im sure I have but I've never lied about love or business or even whether or not I consider you my friend.

If I love you I love you and Ill say it; if I don't then I wont.

If your my friend and I wanted to hang out with someone else for a bit because we hang out too much Ill tell you honestly. Instead of saying something like "Well I know about your anxiety and I was trying to make you speak up for yourself thats why I didn't invite you to come over." Or I haven't paid you the electric bill because I was waiting for you to tell me.

But I did tell you I would say...and she would respond with "Im trying to help you to become a more aggresive person, your too afraid to ask for things so I was waiting for you to ask me again."

Suddenly I am not trust worthy, because she's too busy trying to interpret how I say things and criticizing me on how Im too passive aggressive about things instead of just being aggressive about it. Then when I am, because it was a cold december night and I could not get warm despite my blankets, I turned on the heater. She tells me I thought we agreed to not turn on the heater or ac? And I aggressively said "Im freezing and I can't get warm I just came from the bus, its raining and Im not about to get sick because we had an verbal agreement on this, there are circumstances." Not to mention that while living together she had no job so I agreed to pay half the electric while her husband agreed to pay the other half, but there were three people living together and we had had our own verbal agreement that if she found a job she would begin to pay 1/3 to even out the bill. When she found a job did she stick to it? no because "its only $30 and that wont put a dent in your paycheck so no. Oh and by the way Jake said I didn't have to help out with any bills only my new car payment, and gas; he'll take care of the insurance of course."

And I rode a bus.....

I am tired of empty I love yous as well. You know they don't mean anything they're just with you to use you cause your a push over...Im a push over right? a door mat.

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I sympathize with you. Sadly, most men are liars and not many are good. I too prayed to God often and he paid me back by hurting me. Screw God if he existed. I don't think so. He only helps evil people.


Generalisation and predjudices ! Nuff said

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