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Would you be cool knowing your SO works with someone they slept with?


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I couldn't very well expect him to quit his job because of a past sexual encounter. I might be a little nervous at first, but I'd get over it once I realized their current relationship was a casual work relationship. If there was still heavy flirting and/or massive texting and communicating that wasn't work related, it might be a different story.

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If we weighed the pros and cons and it was possible for him to advance his career and get a new job while getting out of that weird environment, then yeah, I would absolutely want my guy to work somewhere he wouldn't see someone he slept with.

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It depends on the circumstances. In the past I have worked with men I slept with before, while with my husband. He didn't have a problem with it because he is friends with them.


I wouldn't have a problem with it for my husband either. It would be so far in the past now that it doesn't matter.


If it were a recent sexual encounter, then I wouldn't like it.

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I probably wouldn't like it, but I'll have to adjust.


My bf and I met at the workplace, and he knew about a fling I had with someone a few years back. The other guy didn't know that I was dating my bf, so he spoke to him like he was one of the boys. The bf on the other hand, was not too happy with him but kept it diplomatic.

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So for the most part, no paranoia? Say your SO has to work late or shows up home late unexpectedly. You'd have zero thoughts of it?


I don't think so. Unless I genuinely felt and had evidence that something was still between them, it wouldn't bother me. At least, I don't think it would because I've never been put in this situation.

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In a relationship that I felt secure in, didn't care. Trusted him.


In one where I was feeling insecure (and turned out for good reason), it bothered the heck out of me and brought out a possessive side I didn't know I had!


So if it bothered me, I'd know now there is more to it than Ms. Coworker to worry about.

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