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how to respond to guys flirting with you by making fun of you?


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There's a guy at the gym i'm interested in who always jokes/makes fun of me exercising in a flirty manner, but i never know how to respond to these things. I'm not quick-witted enough to come up with something immediately so i usually just smile and laugh at myself too or say something like "i'm trying!!" which feels lame and it may not seem like i'm interested since i don't banter back. How can i respond in a way that makes me seem more interested in him?

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This is the "cocky smart aleck" flirting. Many guys do this and it works really well unless the girl is really uptight and then the guy knows it and moves on.

It sounds like he is interested so just make it easy for him to take the next step. I don't think it is chance that he is there at the same time as you.

Since you are a pretty girl you don't need to be quick witted, just receptive and fun. Next time he pokes fun at you just say "well then why don't you come over here and help me" Ubless he is dense as cement he will take the hint. I am assuming you know each others names but if not when he comes over say "hi my name is ladydatblues what yours?" and the rest will be history!


Good luck


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