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Real Love Stories Don't Have Endings

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37 Days of NC and I feel great. I stopped going to his facebook page. We have had no contact at all. It has really given me clarity. Trust me, it wasn't easy but I am still going strong. I feel so much better. The distance and the silence between us has given me the best gift ever: I can finally concentrate on myself. In the end, I am the only person who controls my happiness.


So, I've been going out with my friends, having fun, trying new things, making goals. I also got a job on campus! Today I was asked by a previous poetry professor to perform a poem at the Provost's Symposium on Teaching. I am really excited.


I suppose I am just posting this to share my success. I am healing. It is possible to move on. You just have to take that first step out the door. I went home for Spring Break to this beach that I love and I found a message carved on a huge rock "Real Love Stories Don't Have Endings." It just made me think if he really loved me, he would still be here. I hope it speaks to you like it did to me.

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