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I had a coffee date this morning.

MD Geist

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Yup thats right I did. Something that is soooo difficult for me actually worked out.


As i've stated before I know this girl from my past her and I used to go to school together. We met back up in September of 08 through a church small group. She's struggling with a lot of personal issues such as self-esteem(Which I do not understand she's very attractive) and often goes out and partys a lot. Some of her friends do influence her in the wrong way resulting in her being heart broken.


Today we met up for the first time since last year in august, I finally decided to give her a call and the first few attempts was unsuccessful but finally last night at around 9:15 she returned my call and we started talking a bit. She's appearently going through some issues with her best friends but other than that she's doing very well.


We had coffee this morning at starbucks and everything went well. I kept telling her not to put herself down so much. We chatted about my big month coming up as well as she admitted to me that she's having a problem with partying to much and such.


She's mentioned a few times on facebook shes ready to settle down and date seriously. Every boyfriend she's had has been a total let down. I've talked with my best friend about this and he said it might very well be a good thing.


Just because I'm inexperienced with relationships does mean I do not stand a chance in this situation from what everybody(Both sides of friends) has said it would balance it. Where I do not excell she does and where she doesn't I would. She herself has even told me to not worry so about my inexperience.


So I sugested we hangout more often with her friends, At first she was like i don't know it might throw of your focus and I said you don't know if you don't give me a chance. So far I think she's now opened to hanging out with me and her friends.


We have hung out in the past before and things kind of hit a glass ceiling and now I'm dead serious myself on making a play.


She had no kids, no boyfriend(Although her ex is still trying to talk with her but he's in Texas), Self-esteem issues is the only thing but I think I can have fun with that in a good way. She's a really attractive person, a good person to be real and honest, she's also on of the very few persons I trust. I know i won't be able to change but theres no telling unless I actually get in there and try.


So yeah I'm looking to make some big changes this month however I never thought this would have been one of them. I just recently got out of debt, going for my series 6 license, gonna mod my car but I feel as if today I just paved a way for a new possiblitly.


I'm not gonna get my hopes up but I do consider this a win for me.

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I think the best thing for me was to kind allow us to catch up.


Pulling the trigger would have been dangerous for me to do at the moment.


The next couple of encounters(1 or 2) if givin the oppertunty I will pull that trigger and go for it. I was super close the very last time we hung out and was certain I was going to date this woman. Now I'm more than 100% that at some point I can finally ask her out.


Like soon, no BS.

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Don't become her therapist unless you want a non return ticket to friendsville , louisianna.




Be careful with girls with emotional baggage, it can blow up in your face. I'm not saying you should be worried, just tread carefully. Don't be her best friend, not yet. Slow and steady wins the race.


And best of luck to you, sir!

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