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Breakup need to know what to do next


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Me and my bf broke up less than a week ago, we had an argument, he apologised, but for me it wasnt enough, it didnt feel like he was sorry for what he did that caused the argument.


I then went on MSN to chat to him, he was being sarcastic about the whole situation, and his attitude got to me. So as the conversation went on i said we are over and finished without thinking as i was just so angry at him and the way he was acting. He didnt type back for a bit and then said you want to get rid of me. I have this problem where on msn i just type things as it is easy, to just type, this happened the last time too i said we were finished and over and he was very angry and the next day we went to a friends gathering and he didnt talk to me the whole night he was just looking at what i was doing, and then when he left he got someone to call me and he said he was very angry at me for saying that when we argue, and why would i say such a thing, and he said this is why i havent spoken or sat with you the whole night as i am just pissed off that you could even say that, but he did say he wasnt giving up on me that time.


But this time i said it, after saying you want to get rid of me, he agreed to it. I then realised what i had done, and realised that it was infact over and i said i was sorry over and over, and all he kept saying was u ended it first and i now want to aswell. He then said he wanted to be single, i couldnt bare talking to him nemore as i knew what i had done,so i logged out. After 5 minutes he sent me a text, i thought it was one saying we are okay, but instead it said: Bruv. Just broke up with ........ lol.x I do not know if he sent this on purpose or it was actually for someone else, so i went back online and said who was that text for that u sent me, he didnt even say it was sent by mistake he just went on saying im sorry i want to be single, and i was still apologising even then, and he said i want to be friends. We have a lot of mutural friends and we are mostly with them all the time, like everyday.


One day this week he came as usual where we all hang out and i cud see he was angry still, and also happy and sad. I havent seen him since as i avoid him when i know hes going somewhere, i was on MSN today and i tried to apologise again, it didnt work. I said tell me you dont love me, he actually typed i dont love you. I was so upset and i said so why did u lie all this time, why did u say u love me when you dont(he was the one who said he loved me first) he said he didnt know, and he suddenly just went offline. I am so hurt and i dont know what to do, should i cut all contact with him, he hasnt blocked me on msn or hasnt deleted me off facebook, and i think he still has my number, we had an argument on text yesterday and he said i want to be friends, and on mym facebook theres a guy who keeps posting comments and he told one of my close mates what i said to the other guy and what the guy said to me, but why is he still checking up on me? I do not know what to do and i am so heartbroken as i still love him and miss him. Its going to be hard to cut all contact as we have a lot of friends who are both our friends and we all hang out, shud i distance myself for a while as me and him since the break up have been talking and arguing.


He has been talking to my close mates about me and saying bad things and saying he wants to be single and he was going to dump me but felt bad so he is glad i did it, he was the one who made the move on me for us to get together and he is basically saying he never actually liked or loved me, he was pretending the whole time, which really hurts, he keeps saying things to ppl and to me which is really hurting me. I dont know what to do next and i dont know why he is being like this, plz help.

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Sounds like both of you have handled things very badly. You kept pushing it to this point by breaking up with him whenever there was an argument. Then you asked him to tell you he doesn't love you..with the expectation that he wouldn't and it would prompt him to get back together with you. Instead he was so fed up with you that he told you what you asked him to tell you..that he doesn't love you. Right now I think you need to take a good long look at your actions and consequences. Sometimes someone can push someone too far and they are fed up enough to walk away. Sounds like that is what he did. You had apologized the last time you broke up with him and then you just did it all over again. Now he is fed up. He is speaking badly about you because he is hurting. I think some distance and time is needed for both of you to re-think things.

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I know ive done a bad thing, and my best mate told me it was becuase of my ex, i was with him for a year and a half and he left me when i was so in love, and now its like i try to test people to see how much they like me and a little thing can make me mad quik and i cause arguments with guys. He said he wants to be friends but i cant, and im not sure why is one minute speaking badly and the next saying i want to be friends with you and thats it, and keeps saying ur the one who ended things first.

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