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I'm back with her - Problems have arisen


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My girlfriend and I split up at the beginning of December 2009 after a 2 year relationship. We are both 19 yrs old. I ended the relationship through anger and frustration because I felt that my trust issues were beginning to get the better of me (I had my reasons).


I then realised that I had made a mistake in ending it without consulting her directly about my issues with the relationship, and at that tried my best for three months to win her back.


She showed no interest at all at first and wanted to enjoy the single life and see other people. This girl is stunning, and this is very very easy for her to do. I did the same, because I knew I had to try and move on, although it really wasn't making me feel any better about the whole situation.


A lot of things happened when we weren't together, a lot of rumours, a lot of silly childish mind games and a lot of lies. I began to lose interest and started to give up. This is when she suddenly decided she wanted me back.


So it's been two weeks and old problems have begun to re-surface. Same old trust issues, same old silly arguments. I love her and I don't want to lose her but I basically feel like I am under the thumb with her. She has already broken my trust and I now feel like reality is hitting me hard.


I have never ever had problems with girls, but this girl is so so attractive and can be the nicest person at times and I wish that this was easier, but the truth is - it isn't, and I am really struggling to identify the best thing to do.


Do I stick it out and hope things will get better, or end it now before I end up hurt again?



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My friend, I think you already know the answer we'll give you here. But ultimately no matter what we may say you'll do what your heart will tell you to do, or you impulse and anxiety will compel you to act accordingly.


So you have to recognize those fears...


Ready yourself for the pain and the grieve... And one day, who knows, someone who values your worth and is deserving of your trust will hopefully walk into your life.

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