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Not sure how to take this.


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Well me and my ex have been broken up for almost a year now and for that whole time she has just completely hated me.


Well just the other day she asked if I would come over and watch the kids just for a little bit because she was stressed and just wanted to get out of the house for a little bit. Well for one, she has never asked me to watch the kids at her house at all.


So I go over there and I watch them, her and her roommate come back I talke to her for like 5 min then I leave.


Then last night I go over there again and me, her, and her roommate just hangout. Keep in mind she hasnt been this nice or anything like this for almost a year.


I mean she said she is doing this to try to start over from the start like when we were friends before we started dating. She said there is a slim chance of us getting back together but I dont know.


I mean I do want to get back with her and she does know this. Maybe us taking it slow and stuff will show her that I have actually grown up and stuff. Im just hoping for the best. I dont want to get my hopes up or anything but I would like to think there is a chance in the future for me and her being together. Who knows.

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Yea, using you for a babysitter could be it. She has to be on good terms with you for favors, lol. But seriously, maybe she's just lonely & wants the company of a man that adores her. We tend to do that from time to time. I wouldn't get my hopes up but I wouldn't totally dismiss the possibility either. Just enjoy the time spent with her since you'd like to be with her, don't pressure her, just go with the flow. A friendship is better than no-ship. Don't allow her to use your feelings for her to her advantage either.

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Good one. Lol. But the thing is she has never asked me to do anything like that.


lol sorry i laugh when i wrote that too haha... anyways well if shes never asked before i guess thats a good thing... but i would watch yourself and not think into it too much. go with the flow and see what happens... but dont expect anything from her... or pressure of any kind.

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I don't think shes just using you as a babysitter....out of a whole year she asks you now to do that...lol....no not likely....she'd find someone else. Maybe she just misses you.


Agreed, maybe she wants to see the new you if you did changed after moving on

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