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  1. yeah your probally right.. i did tell him his actions speak louder then words... i guess he just didnt get it or something... you can say i love you and i want you and blah blah blah... but if your actions tell me otherwise... then... what is it? i wouldnt say he was lying about anything but not telling me something that is obviously important about going out to dinner with a friend thats a girl that i never met yet... its of somewhat of a important matter... regardless if were not technically together but still if he had at least some what of respect for me he would just tell me instead o
  2. Yay im glad everyone is gonna do this challenge... its going to be wonderful... tonite im going to go have fun with some friends and drink... at a club and enjoy life... and not think about him... and dance my butt off too in the process.. lol
  3. i wouldnt say cheating... more for say not being honest... just not telling me about it... and him knowing i dont feel comfortable him hanging out with a friend that i have yet to meet yet. i feel like hes more being disrespectful and not being honest and not giving me the common courtesy that i should be recieving.
  4. okay i can handle that... sounds good... but yeah i know i wont jump back to get with him... because it also depends on how i feel at that time if i even would want him back... maybe i will or maybe i wont... i still love him now... but its is possible if i want him in my life anymore is the question... since i will have not seen or heard from him in so long... my feelings might change... but we shall see... only time will tell.
  5. hmmm i dont think so... he did this when we were still talking... we didnt start the break until like the 18th of march
  6. does anyone have any idea of why he would do this? i really would like some kind of advice...
  7. hey this sounds like a wonderful plan... im already 3 weeks into NC with my ex... so ill join you... my goal is to lose 30 lbs... so i can join the air force... im going to start working out tomorrow... cuz its almost 3 am... so its not like im going to start right this second. lol anyways im in!!!
  8. wow... im just so upset right now i dont even know how to manage my emotions right now.... my ex and me have been on and off for almost 3 years now... we broke up in dec 08 and decided to try to make things work again... and so we were taking things slow... but by march it was just getting to hard... and we decided to take a break... NC for a while... so going into 3 weeks... of this... i find out he that had a dinner with a friend that i know of... never met her in person yet... and im just so upset. on march 3rd he was talking to her on facebook making plans to go out to eat for su
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